Norwegian software developer Opera Software has taken on a daunting challenge: to connect almost every country in Africa to the Internet. To succeed in this challenge, the group announced that it has mobilized a $ 100 million investment fund that will be used to develop and modernize the digital economy across the African continent as part of a program that will last two years.

“Africa is a very important market for Opera. Nine out of 20 countries most using Opera Mini (mobile browser) are found in Africa … We want to invest heavily on the continent, develop a local platform and forge partnerships with local businesses. This platform will broaden the user base of content providers, companies specializing in e-commerce, operators, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and others, with a view to boosting the internet ecosystem. African, ”said Opera Software Africa vice president Richard Monday in a statement.

In terms of the distribution of this envelope, Opera places particular emphasis on Nigeria, one of the continent’s largest mobile telephony markets, with 95 million Internet subscribers via mobile. The country takes the lion’s share by being allocated 40 million dollars out of the 100 to be invested. According to the Norwegian group, this funding will be used to set up the new Opera offices and to create value-added services in the country.

Overall, Opéra indicates that it wants to make Africa a connected continent, following the example of the Rwandan model presented as an example. Indeed, Rwanda is now considered a start-up nation and Kigali, its capital, as a smart city, fully connected to the Internet.

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