Winner of the ” Pitch your agro Start up ” competition, AGRONEWS GUINEA is a platform for information, networking and business and investment opportunities, specializing in themes that affect sustainable development and the fight against the effects of climate change. Exclusive interview with the co-founder of this successful platform, Mamadou Aliou Diallo.

Introduce yourself and your background (briefly)

I’m Mamadou Aliou DIALLO, co-founder of the startup AGRONEWS GUINEE graduated from the Higher Institute of Mines and Geology of Boké in Metallurgical Processing Engineering (Mines). I specialize in environmental and sustainable development issues including agriculture. I took training in journalism, communication, media marketing and management, I deal with economic issues. In this capacity, I was a contributor to the prestigious Pan-African finance newspaper, “Financial Afrik”. I was also a correspondent for the Pan-African Financial journal AFRIMAG.

What is your project and its mission? is a thematic information web platform specializing in the dissemination of information on the agricultural sector and covering all value chains. The aim is to inform citizens and public authorities of the development of the rural world, trends, difficulties, threats, networking and sharing of business opportunities in the agricultural sector.

At this level, we have 3 types of information that we disseminate on our web platform (always improving):

1- Factual agricultural information: purely journalistic

2- Technical information: on practical cultural knowledge in agricultural matters

3- Statistical information: through data (product prices, production quantity by region, by prefecture, quantity of fertilizer, seeds used; supply and demand report by supply chain; etc.).

Technical and statistical information in the era of data and precision farming will be used as management tools that will allow each actor in value chains to position themselves strategically or to adapt their intervention, see their management.

A connection platform:

Through the extension (which is being finalized) but which is already operational.

The goal is to facilitate producers’ access to the market, by anticipating the marketing of their production.

Thanks to our announcements platform, they have the possibility of creating a user account, to freely connect to this account with a username and password and to be able to publish the products they want to sell with all the references (location , price, contact, method of exchange, etc.).

The principle of linking is that a buyer can connect freely on the platform and enter into direct contact with the producer, discuss with him and acquire his goods.

This connection platform can be used by all actors in the value chains: from producer to consumer, via supplier, carriers and distributors including everything that revolves around these different chains.

Sharing of opportunities:

The goal is to share job offers in the agricultural sector, training, facilities related to investment in the agricultural sector, the legal framework, access to land for local and foreign investors, tax facilities, financing, institutional support, etc.… business opportunities (export, local distribution, transport, etc.).

Our goal is to highlight the enormous potential of the Guinean agricultural sector (agriculture, fishing, livestock, environment, etc …); facilitate the development of agricultural value chains; facilitate producers’ access to the market, share opportunities with young agricultural entrepreneurs and potential investors.

The aim is to revolutionize the Guinean agricultural sector thanks to digital technology.

video link Guinea Entrepreneurs’ Fair:

What is the business model ?

Economic model:

· With our information channels, we plan to create thousands, millions or even billions of traffic on our different networks (web, mobile applications, Web TV, Web Radio, etc.) in order to generate the interest of advertisers to broadcast Advertising (audio, video, banners).

· We will offer periodic subscriptions or flat-rate invoices or the collection of commissions to access services such as the use of linking; weather alerts, prices of agricultural products; agricultural data; certain invoiced items, technological assistance to production and technical interventions (prevention and pest control); possibility to charge for access to opportunities sharing; etc ……

· E-commerce: supply of agricultural inputs and online sale of agricultural products with delivery services, Marketplace (being the Amazon of agribusiness).

· Patents for research studies.

How did you get the idea to start your business?

The idea of ​​launching the WWW.AGRONEWSGUINEE.COM platform is part of an observation. We have noticed that the Guinean media space gives very little audience to the agricultural sector which nevertheless represents 80% of Guinean activities and the media which echoed it only touched on it very superficially. We considered this to be an anomaly but at the same time a need that had to be absorbed as quickly as possible and in turn an opportunity to be exploited.
So basically, the idea was to launch a media to highlight the potential of the Guinean agricultural sector and to talk about its opportunities. But as we went on, we realized that information was not the only handicap in this potentially rich sector. Guinea is on the sidelines of the fourth revolution which is that of New Information and Communication Technologies (NICT). At a time when ICTs are used for the emergence of peoples, at a time when we are talking about data and precision agriculture, we have set ourselves the challenge of experimenting with new experiences that work elsewhere but with Guinean realities with approaches and solutions focused on reliability and viability.
We came to the conclusion that, beyond information, we could participate in the development of the Guinean agricultural sector by being at the center of agricultural value chains and encourage Guinean youth to get massively involved because being a supplier sector. self-employment. To do this we intervene in:
– Information

– Linking

– Investment opportunities

– Business opportunities

– Training

Can you introduce your team?


Mamadou Aliou DIALLO and Mamadou Bella DOUMBOUYA with the Trophy ‘’ Picth ton agro-startup; It was within the framework of the regional forum “Entrepreneurship and innovation for the development of agro-industry in Sub-Saharan Africa” ​​which was held in Conakry from 23 to 24 April 2018.

Mamadou Bella DOUMBOUYA, a graduate in communications, has experience in journalism for having worked on the radio planet Fm and at the news site as a reporter. He also worked for a communication agency ‘’ SUK’ARTS ’’ and an e-commerce company which operates in 8 French-speaking countries of West Africa ‘’ ’Afrimalin’ ’; at the marketing and communication department of the Bank U ’UBA’ ’before converting to farming.

He is currently the manager of an agricultural farm in Kindia on behalf of the Cooperative for Agriculture and Animal Production (CAPA) which produces pineapples, bananas and is one of the promoters of the concept ” agripreneurs “.

Mamadou Aliou DIALLO, is a graduate of the Higher Institute of Mines and Geology of Boké in Metallurgical Processing Engineering (Mines). He specializes in environmental and sustainable development issues including agriculture. He trained in journalism, communication, media marketing and management and deals with economic issues. As such, he is a contributor to the prestigious pan-African finance newspaper, “Financial Afrik”. He was also a correspondent for the Pan-African Financial journal AFRIMAG.

AGRONEWS GUINEE is winner of the agribusiness competition ‘’ Picth ton agro-startup ’’ organized by the Organization Internationale de la Francophonie (OIF) in April 2018 and National Finalist 2019 of the Total Challenge startupper competition of the year.

What are the next steps ?

What we are trying to build is an empire, an agribusiness HUB that combines news media (website, web TV and Radio); technological innovation and scientific method to build the African agriculture of the future.

Firstly :

Basically rely on digital or digital technology to invent and popularize solutions that can help actors in the rural world to produce better, sell better.
In a second step, we plan to get involved a lot with the actors of the rural world in order to offer them smarter production methods which are based on new advanced technologies thanks to: assistance to production through use of drones in data collection (mapping, diagnosis of crop health, soils and their treatment, yield forecasts, etc.); personalized operation management.
Then we plan, through the search to find local technical solutions, resilient to the problems faced by Guinean peasants whether in the field of machinery, cultural techniques, seeds, fertilizers or in the fight against pests with in particular a highlight for a clean and healthy organic farming.
In short, our start-up wants in the short and long term a laboratory of solutions for Guinean, African and even global agriculture, smarter, more resilient and healthier.

What do you need and how can AfrikaTech help you?

We need a lot of financial resources for the implementation of our development plan which we are sure will modernize Guinean agriculture. We therefore expect Afrika Tech to put in touch with potential investors to enable us to raise funds in the range of 50 to 100,000 euros in order to develop our business plan.

What are the contacts of the start-up? Website, email, Mobile / WhatsApp, links to social networks?

Mamadou Bella DOUMBOUYA, managing partner, Tel: 00 224 623 52 19 22

Mamadou Aliou DIALLO, co-managing partner, Tel: 00 224 623 69 58 01


Twitter: @Agronewsguinee / facebook:


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