Interview: N’Fansoumane Bangoura, co-founder of BrainSense, Guinean start-up focused on advanced technology

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Four young people with a single objective, to contribute to the development of Africa by providing innovative solutions to the various players in African society. Discover the Guinean strat-up Brainsense with this interview with one of its founders.Introduce yourself and your journey (briefly)

N’Fansoumane Bangoura or “Prince”, a computer engineer by training, born in Guinea, his skills in digital strategy, web marketing and business development, are today focused on the development of startups.

After the launch of the startup YANKADY which is a marketplace, Prince decided to launch another startup “BrainSense” which evolves in the sector of new technologies.

What is your project and its mission? Do you have a presentation video?BrainSense aims to provide African companies with technological and innovative solutions based on Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, connected objects and business intelligence to allow them to be competitive and provide better experiences to their users.

What is the problem solved by BrainSense?

BrainSense solves the problem of African SMEs who find it difficult to bring more values ​​and innovations to their product or service offerings. As the search for quality of the customer is more and more increased, a company is forced to find the means to bring the best experience of buying or using its services to users.
BrainSense brings this creation of value to companies via technological solutions.

What is the business model?

Each product created by BrainSense responds to a problem in a well-defined sector, which means that each product will have an economic model specific to its sector and its context.
For example, the business model of the digitalization solution for the banking process will be commissions paid by a bank for each account creation.

How did you get the idea to start your business?

Being a computer engineer, new technologies have always interested me, I always wanted to start a company creating IT solutions in order to provide viable solutions in terms of business process improvement, task automation etc, to companies

Can you introduce your team?

To carry out this mission, I have assembled a team composed of:

Jonathan KABEL (UX designer and web analytics CEO of BrainSense), BAH Balia (BI engineer).

What are the next steps ?

Currently, we are working on the first BrainSense solution, which is a bank account creation solution for the African diaspora. This solution will allow any African to create a remote bank account without having to travel.

The remote account creation solution won first prize in the 2019 edition of the startup week for Africa competition in Paris, thanks to its special feature which is to use artificial intelligence to secure the process in order to avoid fraud and identity theft, but also with the help of three other entrepreneurs, namely: Fernando (Consultant), Ornela (Formation Finance), Marie Laure (Communication Officer), they did an excellent job during the weekend startup on improving the solution, their contribution was essential to win this competition.

What do you need and how can AfrikaTech help you?

We want to make our solutions known to the diaspora and African companies.
What are the company’s contacts? Website, email, Mobile / WhatsApp, links to social networks?
You can contact us on:



Email: contact@brainsenser

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