Founded in 2016 by Isabelle Mashola and Philippe Coup-Jambet, Isahit, platform
impact sourcing, begins its fundraising campaign on the equity platform
crowdfunding dedicated to Africa, Afrikwity.
This fundraising of 400,000 euros will allow Isahit to strengthen its action
sales, to finance its R&D and its establishment in around ten countries

“I am delighted to be part of the platform’s first projects. We share with
Afrikwity of common values ​​and interests: collaboration, sharing, mutual aid, work
equitable, Africa’s growth through digital technology. The idea of ​​having investors
worldwide who wish to share our success, rejoices us. », Explains Isabelle
Mashola, President of Isahit.

Isahit wants to restore dignity through fair work and develop the skills of
populations of Africa, digitally.

Isahit connects socio-economically disadvantaged workers from emerging countries
and French companies which outsource part of their digital activities.
Present in 5 French-speaking African countries, isahit was born from the will of Isabelle Mashola,
former CIO of a CAC40 company and Philippe Coup-Jambet, serial entrepreneur,
to establish a model to extend skills and access to digital tools
by improving the living conditions of populations in emerging countries.

A vision that they project on their socially responsible sourcing impact platform.
The startup now enables women living below the poverty line by
Africa (Senegal, Ivory Coast, Congo, Burkina and Cameroon) to manage micro-tasks
digital files of French companies. These HITeuses (HIT = Human Intelligence Tasks), are
assigned to the processing, management or analysis of data, which cannot be
supported by robots.

The startup provides HITeuses with tablets, co-working spaces for
work and support them in their administrative procedures or even on the creation
from a bank account. Isahit counts Alma Learning Group and InnovAdvisor among its clients and will announce future collaborations with CAC40 companies.

Most of the funds will finance research and development, the evolution of
artificial intelligence components that the platform uses to break down tasks
outsourced by companies, then entrusted to HITeuses according to their
profiles (skills, speed, type of task, etc.).

The 400,000 euros sought will also be used to recruit new HITeuses, to make them
gain skills, because today Isahit is recording more and more tasks
digital, over 4.5 million. The startup will take the opportunity to deploy its expansion plan
on the international market, by establishing itself in English-speaking African countries.

Equity crowdfunding serving the growth of the African continent.

Digital will play a central role in the development of the African continent. Access
digitization promotes GDP growth and observers note that this is a
major lever in improving the living conditions of the populations.
In 4 years, isahit plans to have more than 10,000 HITers, for a social impact on
tens of thousands of families in Africa.

“Even in the context of our ongoing fundraising of 400k €, it is important for us
to show our attachment to the African continent and to allow
people who identify with our project to take part, from 100 €. »Says
Isabelle Mashola, President of Isahit.

Launched in 2015 by Thameur Hemdane, Afrikwity is an equity crowdfunding platform
which allows individuals to invest in innovative startups, which participate
actively for the development of Africa. Afrikwity supports the development of
Africa by financing innovation and companies with high growth potential.

“We make a rigorous selection of the startups that we offer to investors. This selection is based in particular on criteria of innovation, solidity of the model
economic, management quality and financial outlook. Not only
Isahit perfectly meets these criteria but in addition she displays an approach
socially responsible, which combines social innovation, digital platform and reduction of
poverty in Africa. We are happy to support Isahit in his fundraising and
to allow investors looking for a social impact to take part in this beautiful
entrepreneurial adventure. “, Underlines Thameur Hemdane, Founder and CEO of Afrikwity.

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