This is an unprecedented financial experience taking place on the African and Cameroonian tech and economic scene. The Equity Crowdfunding campaign of Kiro’o Games has just crossed the threshold of 500K USD (approximately FCfa 278 million) in subscriptions to 414 people.

With rare transparency, the first Cameroonian video game creation studio has opened its capital to national and international private investors since April 4, 2019. Almost the entire procedure takes place online thanks to technology and processes called “Kiroo Rebuntu ”. A process and technology created by the studio itself.

By 2030, Kiroo aims to go public on markets such as NASDAQ, and the studio will create a catalog of games, comics, African cartoons and smartphone services for 1 million customers in 12 countries in Africa. The first rational steps of this excessive ambition were communicated by Kiroo in a chronogram visible in this image.

The team of the studio communicates with enthusiasm on the statistics which emerge from its current lifting:

500,000 USD of subscriptions recorded.
 163,000 USD already received.
414 investors having subscribed.
143 effective shareholders having already materialized.

Investor age group:

21 – 25: 12%
26 – 30: 29%
31 – 35: 33%
36 – 40: 15%

Distribution of investors according to gender:

Male: 70%
Women: 30%

Top 2 nationalities of investors:

60% of shareholders are of Cameroonian nationality
12% of shareholders are of French nationality

Many shareholders have the profile of a young finance and tech executive from the diaspora.

These statistics show that it is the younger generation (under 35) who invests the most in their peers. The studio tells us that many are investing to offer assets to their children or secure their pensions. Kiroo also notes that women concretize faster than men although they are less numerous.

“We are quite surprised by the profiles of those who invest. These are African executives from major global finance and tech companies who say they have been with us for a long time. We are very grateful and motivated by so much confidence. ”

Said YAKAN Dominique founder and lead designer of the studio.

“Our Rebuntu technology is emerging from new information on the mindset of young African business angels. Imagine what we can do when we democratize this technology for other reliable and dynamic SMEs on the continent. “.
Said BASSANGNA Jean-Yves founder and administrative manager of the studio

Kiroo wants to share its financing technology with all the other entrepreneurs, and is supported by MINPOSTEL. LIBOM LI LIKENG, Minister of Posts and Telecommunications, was able to visit the studio and came out of it with great enthusiasm. It will do its utmost so that the studio democratizes the current process quickly, securely and legally. A working group has been set up.

“Step by step, we are building a network of partners for over 3 years in all sectors: technology, government, marketing, investment, etc. Our current shareholding will be a huge asset for Kiroo to become a company that helps improve Africa. We want to be a brand that supports all those who want to succeed. We owe it to future generations. “.

Said MADIBA Olivier founder and CEO of the studio.

Kiroo informs potential investors that the fundraising is still open. Therefore all those who are interested in joining this African Wallbreaking Story can read the summary of the business plan and continue to subscribe through the link below.

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