At only 33 years old, Mairé Rosa, from Guadeloupe, is at the head of a start-up which is all the rage in the United States: Relay Shop USA.

It was in 2013 that Mairé, noting the effervescence and success of e-commerce sites from the US, noticed that a large majority of these sites refused to ship products abroad. It was then that she decided to create “Relay Shop USA”, a start-up which, thanks to its parcel routing and reshipping system, acts as an intermediary for online purchases on these sites.

Mairé therefore allows several online buyers to order and receive their products at home, whatever their country of residence. This relieves good name of West Indian customers who cannot order from sites such as eBay or Amazon due to the refusal of delivery. Based in Atlanta, Relay Shop USA operates in premises of over 1,000 m2. The new ambition of the latter is to also target professionals importing their goods from the USA.

Having become a real role model for many people, Mairé has decided to keep a blog in which she provides advice to help people who want to start a business to get started, without a bank loan or investors. To discover it, click here.

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