Solotina is an e-commerce retail, semi-wholesale and wholesale platform for traditional ready-to-wear models and textile products of all kinds. This company, founded by Souleymane Biteye and Serigne Modou SALL, aims to promote African couture, allows the best African designers to have a digital showcase and allow customers to access their creations at affordable prices and taking advantage of an international delivery system.

Introduce yourself and your journey (briefly)
My name is Souleymane BITEYE, I am an Entrepreneur who started his entrepreneurial career in France there is 7 years as a self-employed entrepreneur to pay for my university course and after at the level of the structure Initiative For Africa where I was Vice President & Chief Strategy Officer. My background with this last one brought me a lot of entrepreneurial experience notably on the creation of startup and the support of Startup. A year ago, I decided to return to Senegal to work at Senelec (Senegal Electricity Company) but after 4 months I had dropped after obtaining our ISO 9001 certification in Quality; because my entrepreneurial inclination had taken over and I began to gradually launch my structures which was in the informal for some. Since then, I started 100% in this rather exciting course.

What is your project and its mission?
SOLOTINA is a company promoting African couture and integrating pan-African diversities in all its splendor. It allows the best African designers to have a digital showcase and allow customers to have access to their creations at low prices all with an international delivery system.

It is a highly secure international e-commerce platform for the retail, semi-wholesale and wholesale sale of traditional ready-to-wear and textile products of all kinds. Solotina gives internet users from all over the world access to the latest trends in African haute couture made by the best designers and creators of the continent while promoting innovation and diversity but also a privileged look at fabrics unique of our terroir.

It ensures the connection between customers, fabric sellers, fashion designers and fashion players according to needs and expectations.

What is the problem Solotina solved?
Solotina, managed to reorganize thanks to the digital a textile field very disorganized and disturbed by the informal one. Thanks to our platform, customers all over the world have access to the African fashion product with prices more than reasonable. Since our beginning, we have positively impacted the business of several African creators who have gained more customers and at the same time benefited from the miracles of digital.

What is the business model ?
We opted for a subscription system for the best creators to gain access to the platform and payment for delivery to customers.

How did you get the idea to start your business?
The idea came to us, me and Serigne Modou Sall (the other co-founder) thanks to our experience, because all 2 did not live all our lives in the country. We traced the difficulties we were having to access African fashion products at reasonable prices. Thus after several investigations, we saw that there was a growing need to digitize this area and to make these products available to everyone at a reasonable cost. Because this market is influenced by intermediaries, which makes the customer’s journey difficult.

Can you introduce your team?
Our team consists of:
Serigne Modou Sall, Co-Founder & General Manager
_ Souleymane BITEYE, Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer
_ Moustapha Touré, Fashion Designer, Model Designer & Designer
_ 1 Developer, 2 Infographs, 1 Photographer, 2 models + delivery men.

What are the next steps ?
Souleymane BITEYE: “With Solotina, we have big ambitions. Our primary goal is to set up a Cryptomoney payment system in the short term in addition to the systems we have already put in place. We intend to organize a public fashion show to show the creations of our creators and many other surprises. ”

What do you need and how can AfrikaTech help you?
We need reference.

What are the contacts of the company? Website, email, Mobile / WhatsApp, links to social networks?
(+221) 78 468 62 75
(+221) 76 666 84 00

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Comme beaucoup de personnes j’ai connu l’Afrique à travers des stéréotypes : l’Afrique est pauvre, il y a la guerre, famine… Je suis devenu entrepreneur pour briser ces clichés et participer à la construction du continent. J’ai lancé plusieurs entreprises dont Kareea (Formation et développement web), Tutorys (Plate-forme de e-learning), AfrikanFunding (Plate-forme de crowdfunding). Après un échec sur ma startup Tutorys, à cause d’une mauvaise exécution Business, un manque de réseau, pas de mentor, je suis parti 6 mois en immersion dans l’écosystème Tech au Sénégal. J’ai rencontré de nombreux entrepreneurs passionnés, talentueux et déterminés. A mon retour sur Paris je décide de raconter leur histoire en créant le média AfrikaTech. L'objectif est de soutenir les entrepreneurs qui se battent quotidiennement en Afrique en leur offrant la visibilité, les connaissances, le réseautage et les capitaux nécessaires pour réussir. L'Afrique de demain se construit aujourd'hui ensemble. Rejoignez-nous ! LinkedIn:

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