A profession of the future can be defined in two ways: it offers interesting development prospects or there is massive recruitment. The world is changing and so is Africa. In terms of development and prospects, Africa has good statistics and employment opportunities in several areas, technology (the Information and Communication Technologies sector is one of the most promising in Africa ) to the infrastructure through the social. The following lines present the list of the 15 professions of the future in Africa.

1. Community Manager

Its role is to develop, federate and animate online communities for advertisers.

2. Business Developer

Its responsibility is to find new markets for companies with or without support from an incubator. He assists companies during meetings with their prospects and helps them negotiate contracts.

3. Hub Manager and Project Manager of a co-working space or incubator

He manages the local and international visibility, the personnel and the development of the structure. He is also responsible for seeking funding and partnerships with donors, multinationals, other companies and even with universities. As Hub Manager, he oversees the creation of new support programs and events, designs the service offering and the structure’s business model.

4. Software and web developer

He designs, codes and develops websites, he configures the functionalities of web and / or mobile applications. To meet the specific needs of companies, it makes proposals for work tools and adapted solutions.

5. Database analyst and administrator

It designs, develops and manages, using data management software, integrated data management solutions. The database administrator defines the standards and parameters for the use of the systems and manages the access rights, he sets up automatic backup and restore procedures.

6. Business analyst

He is responsible for analyzing the business needs of the company or a product and modeling the process to provide the appropriate IT solution, he will ensure after implementation of this solution that it responds appropriately to the needs. client.

7. Technical architect of information systems

Its role is to design and organize all the hardware and software necessary for the smooth flow of data; analyze servers, computers, software and operating systems to adapt them to identified needs or to provide solutions to specific problems presented to them.

8. System and network administrator

Its role is to set up a quality IT network for the company, manage the system and provide technical support to users. It installs and sets up network and telecom equipment and software, supervises and troubleshoots network systems and applications, deploys and manages mobile terminals. He manages the security of information systems when the engineer in charge is absent.

9. Working group coordinator

In a world in which more and more freelance workers and “on-demand” collaborators appear, the coordinator will be hired to set up appropriate teams capable of carrying out specific assignments.

10. Freelance teacher

Over time, many people want to continue learning through online courses or other alternative tools. Independent teachers could take advantage of these opportunities.

11. Jobs in the health sector

The continent needs doctors, specialists and health professionals. The demand for health care far exceeds the supply. Although medical studies are long, they are and always will be essential not only to ensure the good health of populations but also to participate in the development of economies. States are organizing themselves more to offer employment opportunities in the sector, through the development and implementation of new health policies and by the structuring of health systems.

12. Jobs in the housing and infrastructure sector

Africa is still under construction. With demographic growth, it presents an ever-increasing need for housing and infrastructure. The construction trades (Public Works Building), from simple laborers to engineers have a future on the continent. Besides that, the attraction of smart homes and smart buildings is being felt. The growth of the middle class could be an argument to think about it and why not go for it.

13. Agribusiness

This business, which brings together all commercial activities around agriculture and agrifood industries, is booming. Many countries in Africa have developed significant agri-food programs to help transform the agri-food industry. The sector is promising in terms of jobs.

14. Mobile banking services

With the advance of digital technology and its infiltration into various daily activities, mobile applications come to the aid of traditional banks to help them reach as many people as possible by setting up a banking system in countries where telecommunications are present. accessible to the poorest populations who cannot use traditional banking services. Thus, mobile banking services represent an increasingly job-creating sector.

15. Oil and renewable energy professions

New deposits of oil and gas are being discovered every day in and around Africa. International companies continue to need skilled workers in the oil, gas and mining industries to achieve their operating goals. In addition, mines remain one of the best areas for investment in the world.

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