The chief of staff of the president of the Republic Nehemiah Mwilanya assured fifty young entrepreneurs that their projects would benefit from the personal support of the head of state.

Insurance was given on Friday October 8, 2015 at Fleuve Congo Hôtel by Néhémie Mwilanya, his Director of Cabinet. It is said that youth is the future of the nation. And Joseph Kabila understood it so well. That is why, he reserved an instant response to the request expressed by the National Federation of Young Entrepreneurs of the Congo, on the occasion of their official release. Funds, already available, could be released in favor of fifty competitive projects that young people must themselves select. Francine Muyumba, President of the Pan African Youth Union, also believed in the work and promised to cut herself into a thousand pieces in order to lend a strong hand to the National Federation of Young Entrepreneurs of Congo. In a pathetic message, she demonstrated how youth is a key without which, any country in the world cannot develop or advance. A legate of Bongo Nkoy said, for his part, that the Ministry of SMEs, will make it one of his priorities.

The National Federation of Young Entrepreneurs of the Congo (FNJEC) was launched on Friday, October 8, at Fleuve Congo Hôtel. It is a structure set up in the spirit of coordinating, federating, promoting, supervising and encouraging, through the search for business opportunities, financing, accessibility to markets and tax reduction and taxes. And, Nehemiah Mwilanya, Director of the Cabinet of the Head of State, reaffirmed Joseph Kabila’s determination to support this structure which must operate immediately. He announced that the President is willing to finance fifty competitive projects for the promotion of youth entrepreneurship.

It is with a view to constituting a development force that young people have set up this structure. According to Erick Makuala, the Coordinator, the goal of the National Federation of Young Entrepreneurs, FNJEC, aims in particular to encourage private initiatives by young people, with a view to enabling them to participate in the development of the Republic. In a context such as the country has a high unemployment rate, it takes a lot of effort to meet the need for integration. Given the difficulties of finding employment, the population, in particular, young people must develop a survival strategy by going mainly into the informal sector.

For him, in fact, entrepreneurship often leads to Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs), which constitute the growth lever and contribute to the valuation in the Company. With this possibility, young people can contribute to the development of the tertiary sector which, in turn, will facilitate the distribution of wealth to the population, as well as the fight against the immigration crisis. Especially since there is a good organization at home. In fact, in the DRC, 2/3 of people work in SMEs. This shows that there is a real need for the country to have strong laws in this area. Nevertheless, he encouraged the Government which spares no effort to reform this sector, especially by setting up the national development strategy. However, he noted a certain laxity in the finalization of the reforms undertaken.

Erick Makuala also deplores several obstacles in terms of entrepreneurship. He indicated in particular, the spoliation of subcontracting, unfair competition, the violation of the law of the exclusivity of small shops by nationals, the granting of credits with short-term maturities, the opacity in the ” procurement of tenders and the multiplicity of taxes. This, although the Head of State noted the need to create a middle class. For this, there is a need to diversify the actions.

It is with this in mind that this official outing takes place, presented as the label of the high mobility of young people to embark on entrepreneurship, with a view to effective promotion. ‘’ We’re here now. We are waiting for your support and accompaniment, because it is everyone’s business, ” said Erick Makuala.


In order to meet the challenges that await them, the number one of the FNJEC made solid recommendations to the National Authorities, to Banks and Partners. This concerns, among other things, the strengthening of mechanisms for monitoring subcontracting and petty trade; reserving a quota for young people in the award of public contracts; tax relief for newly created SMEs. In its understanding, these elements are signs of the importance that a country attaches to entrepreneurship. Thus, he reassured that the FNJEC remains open to all suggestions, for a working youth. “Our future depends on the direction we give it today,” he concluded.

UPJ contribution

Thanking the Head of State for his personal involvement in this affair, Francine Muyumba, President of the Pan African Youth Union (PUJ) felt proud of the launch of the FNJEC.

Speaking to young entrepreneurs, she said that one of the lessons of the participatory success of this work is to demonstrate how they are able to mobilize for a great cause that far exceeds the sum of individual interests. For her part, she committed herself, body and soul, morning and evening, to make a plea at the national and international level. This is what justifies the meeting of August 12 this year at the International Youth Day in New York with the UN Secretary General who did not hesitate to lend his support.

This is why the UPJ is working to set up a chamber of commerce for young Africans. This will function as a continental structure which takes its mandate from the African Youth Charter and the UPJ. And, its goal will be to constructively influence the environment in which businesses operate on the continent. To this end, the policies of the Chamber will be aligned with those existing. Because it will help realize the number one aspiration of Agenda 2063 of a prosperous Africa, based on inclusive growth and sustainable youth development in section f of article 15.

Insurance of the Head of State

Nehemiah Mwilanya, Director of the Office of the Head of State, said he was satisfied to have discovered what he called “an army”, that is to say, a great engine of development of the Republic. For him, indeed, what was missing has just come to fruition, therefore, the organization. Especially that, it is she who will amplify the ground of the economic growth of the DRC.

This is in line with the wish of Joseph Kabila, who had already launched the National Micro-finance Fund project. To this end, he wants to mobilize all the institutions of the country to participate.

To instantly respond to the requirements of the FNEC Coordinator cited above, he reassured them of the relevance of the questions of access to the public market, specifying that in the new mining code, the question is almost resolved. It is with this in mind that a partnership is offered to the FNJEC, not only in the future, but in the immediate future. The idea here is for the Head of State to provide them with funding for fifty competitive projects, which they must set up.

It should also be noted that this event also witnessed the participation of the Representative of the Minister for SMEs, who, in turn, identified three reasons why these young people deserve to be supported. They have a proven capacity for innovation and adaptation. It is with this in mind that, upon taking office, Bongo Nkoy drew up an inventory of SMEs in the DRC. And, operational analysis has shown that we can build on this. In turn, he spoke of a contribution to incubator projects that will be aimed at young people, that is to say, a process of the range on which the national strategy of SMEs will be based, with a view to identify the various constraints.

Address by the President of the Pan African Youth Union at the official launch of Fnjec

Mister the Director of Cabinet of the President of the Republic, Personal representative of the Head of State;

Honorable Members of the House of Commons and Senators, Ministers,

Ladies and gentlemen, young entrepreneurs;

Distinguished guests in your respective titles and qualities

First of all, allow me to thank the President of the Republic, for supporting these young entrepreneurs from the Democratic Republic of Congo, in his capacity as sponsor of the Pan African Youth Union, a task he had accepted at the meeting of the Executive Committee of the Pan African Youth Union which was held in December 2014 in Kinshasa. Today, the President of the Republic has just risen to the rank of Heads of State concerned about youth unemployment by setting an example, because his country, our country embodies the leadership of African youth. He has just been added to the list of African Heads of State who have understood the need for entrepreneurship, by fighting unemployment in all directions, like the South African President Jacob Zuma, of the Angolan Edouardo Dos Santos, from the Ivorian Alassane Ouattara, from the Gabonese Ali Bongo, from Kenya Uhuru Kenyatta and so on.

I also thank the Government for its commendable support in the fight against unemployment. In particular the Ministry of Youth, the Ministry of Industry and SMEs which have not closed doors to these young Congolese entrepreneurs.

My congratulations and thanks also go to the young Congolese entrepreneurs who worked tirelessly for the establishment of this structure.

Obviously, it is not enough just to set up a Federation, but rather to ask ourselves the question of knowing what are we going to do with these young people who decided to organize? The answer to this question requires everyone’s involvement. So we must have a specific entrepreneurial policy in the Democratic Republic of Congo that can allow the country to be the model on the African level. I am so proud that my country has responded to this call.

Already the Chairperson of the African Union Commission Her Excellency Nkosazana Zuma who, in her everyday fight for an Africa we want through the Agenda 2063 has hardly stopped promoting women and young people from the Continent always saying I quote in English “The youth and women of africa should be the priority of the Africa Union” which means young people and women must be the priority of the African Union.

Today, our country, the Democratic Republic of Congo needed this great meeting, the official launch of the National Federation of Young Entrepreneurs. FNJEC in acronym

Distinguished audience,

Since my rise to the head of the Pan-African Youth Union, sleep and already I had measured the intensity of this heavy task, part of which success depends on the need to set the stage for entrepreneurship in all Africa.

Today, ladies and gentlemen, the indications are more than clear: the path to economic recovery, the one that will allow us to win the battle for employment and social cohesion, this path that we are resolutely taking is that of support. to Congolese youth businesses!

Dear young Entrepreneurs!

This preparatory work, which more than one of you have been carrying out in the space of just a few months, provides us with two lessons that we can be proud of collectively.

This first shows that the original method chosen for this event is the right one!

Bringing together dozens of young entrepreneurs for a few weeks and associate them with thinking about entrepreneurship in the Congo, to create an environment favorable to sustainable businesses and their growth, … this is the right method! It is certainly certainly the only possible method!

The second lesson of the “participative” success of the launch is that the young people of this country, unlike many clichés, are able to mobilize for a good cause, which far exceeds the sum of their particular interests: the growth of our country, its attractiveness and its competitiveness above all wins.

The message is clear: when they want, these young people can go hand in hand.

For my part, as President of the Pan African Youth Union, I do my best, morning and evening, for advocacy on a national and international level.

This is how, to promote youth entrepreneurship; the Pan African Youth Union has launched international lobbying at the highest summit; which justifies our meeting on August 12 of this year at the International Youth Day in New York with the Secretary General of the United Nations Mr. BAN-KI-MOON who did not hesitate to support African youth about this question.

Similarly, the Pan-African Youth Union is working to establish a Chamber of Commerce for young Africans. This will function as a continental structure which derives its mandate from the African Youth Charter and the Pan African Youth Union. The purpose of the structure would be to constructively influence the environment in which businesses on the continent operate.

House policies will be aligned with those existing on the continent. The chamber will help realize the number one aspiration of Agenda 2063, a prosperous Africa, based on inclusive growth and sustainable development and the African Youth Charter in section f of article 15 which states that “ young entrepreneurship must be promoted by including entrepreneurship training in school curricula, access to credit, training in business development skills, and better information on market opportunities ”.

Ladies and gentlemen, dear young entrepreneurs,

Congratulations ! I congratulate you for being young and accepting to take the risk. It is only to see this flame in your eyes, to hear the vigor of your testimonies, to discern what each of you conceals of personal ardor and what your group represents of collective development, to know that, before your momentum, life has only to be well and that the future is yours. The sustained growth of our low-income countries revolves around the ability to foster the private sector, seen as a source of quality jobs and income. Without the dynamics of private initiative disciplined by market competition, poor people would remain poor. You knew how to understand this, and you embarked on this noble adventure to allow a sustained growth of the Democratic Republic of Congo. I dare to believe that entrepreneurship should be valued and promoted in the sense that it is in itself a driving force for economic growth and innovation: the development of an entrepreneurial spirit, innovation and creation represents a major asset for us young Congolese, since it will allow independent entrepreneurs to create jobs and thus contribute to the reduction of the unemployment rate, fight poverty in the country, and have young millionaires who benefit the wealth of our country.

Mister the Director of Cabinet of the President of the Republic, Personal representative of the Head of State;

Honorable Members of the House of Commons and Senators, Ministers,

Ladies and gentlemen, young entrepreneurs;

Distinguished guests with your respective titles and qualities The country would have an entrepreneurial potential but this potential has not yet been activated. Personally, I am often impressed by the innovative ideas that young Congolese people I have had the chance to speak to in various fields. It is clear that the country has potential, the young Congolese are capable of transforming this country. I am convinced that if we would like to see a little more positive economic change in our country we should consider promoting entrepreneurship.

More than ever, you want, We want together to celebrate the exemplary journey of all those who, whatever their origins, whatever their project, aspire to take the act of creation, to develop their business, to innovate , to export!

And then, I want to insist on this, it is also a signal addressed to all those who today feel neglected in neighborhoods with daily difficulties but who, tomorrow, I hope so ardently, will discover souls of entrepreneurs. This is undoubtedly my dearest wish: the entrepreneurial spirit must contribute to relaunching the social elevator.

Our ambition is very broad. It is based on the hope that the business of tomorrow will be, I come back to it once again, more open, more cooperative and more responsible.

What does that mean ? Something simple but so important: the business of tomorrow does not divide. It associates. It does not oppose, does not partition. It combines. First, it combines the talent of those who create it, of those who believe and who invest in it, of those who, finally, who make it live every day, make it prosper, lead it to the top innovation, export, job creation.

I look forward to the emergence of a new growth model, based largely on innovation.

I renew to you all my sincere thanks for your commitment and wish you the greatest success in your endeavors! In a word: “Go for it, Africa supports you!” “.

Ladies and Gentlemen, distinguished guests, I concluded my speech based on the thought of Joseph Aloïs Schumpeter, I quote: “The entrepreneur […] is the revolutionary of the economy”

What do young entrepreneurs live

Long live the Democratic Republic of Congo

May Africa live

Thank you.

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