Africa is developing and the diasporas want to contribute greatly to this social and economic development. The New Africa, led by Alexandre Monclin and Rudy Casbi, wants to highlight the talents of Africa and the diaspora by linking financial and media partners. The Africa Business Challenges will take place on Friday, June 28, in Paris at Dian Diallo Lounge Bar. Afrikatech met Rudy Casbi and Alexandre Monclin. Interview.


You are organizing the first edition of the Africa Business Challenges. What are your expectations ?


Rudy Casbi and Alexandre Monclin: For this first edition of the Africa Business Challenges, New Africa wanted to emphasize the need to bring together African and Afro-descendants talents. Together, they were important to connect our network and our finances to enable entrepreneurs, project leaders and investors to meet to discuss good opportunities and develop business. We are very happy to take our part actively in these emergences.


Afrikatech: What is your view of this ambient Afro-optimism fueled by the continent’s rate of economic growth?


Rudy Casbi and Alexandre Monclin: This discourse of growth has its limits. This is only true if the entrepreneurial activities are structured and create a real social impact. The goal is not to bring the recipes of the West and present them as miraculous remedies. We must give a sounding board to projects for Africa. And in the other direction, it is necessary to connect diasporic structures established in Europe with African entrepreneurs. Some of us know very little about Africa – among the members of the diaspora – but we have a strong will to impact favorably for Africa since our place of implantation.


Afrikatech: What will happen around your event on June 26th?


Rudy Casbi and Alexandre Monclin: During this event, which will take place at the Dian Diallo champagne lounge in Paris, we favor projects with high added value on the social level. This is why, the founders of SolarPak: Evariste Akoumian and Thierry Ndoufou will be present. SolarPak is a company that has designed children’s binders with a built-in lamp that is fully rechargeable in the sunlight. They have now passed more than 50,000 binders across Africa but also in Cambodia and Haiti. Then we will also have Ricardo Kaniama, famous Congolese businessman and author of the bestseller business “the goat of my mother”. Ricardo Kaniama, who owns private hospitals, managed to become a millionaire when he had only $ 15 in his pocket. Through them, it is also a question of giving the keys to undertake to Africa and to know the success.


There are many events on Africa and investments. This can create a feeling of weariness. How do you intend to stand out?


Rudy Casbi: We do not just want people to come without going away with concrete things. In many events, we network and nothing happens behind. The goal is to bring keys to entrepreneurs and project leaders. That is why OSER Africa, led by Christelle Basilua, will be present to explain to those who will come the tools for a good incubation when undertaking in Africa. The participants need to feel that we can undertake for our communities with reliable actors. Several investors will be present, it is a good opportunity to open the eyes of each one on the potentialities in progress.


Creating an event does not happen overnight. What are the convictions that led you to take the plunge?

Rudy Casbi: We are obsessed with one goal: creating value in our communities and for Africa. On our side, New Africa, led by Alexandre Monclin and Rudy Casbi, set up a New Africa media, followed by 152,000 subscribers. Our goal is to support entrepreneurs in Africa and Europe towards mutual development.

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