Africa has immense energy potential due to its almost permanent sunshine. The continent alone receives 49% of global solar radiation. Access to electricity for all remains an issue on the continent. Estimated at 2.5 billion inhabitants by 2050, for the moment more than 600 million people do not have access to a source of electricity, i.e. 80%, against 20% connected to a network electric.

Photovoltaics thus offer new solutions in electrification. The demand for new world energy solutions such as solar panels is growing on a global scale; the same is true for manufacturers and suppliers of products and services with varied offers. All the more so as they guarantee the effectiveness and the durability of their products.

Below is the list of leading companies in the solar energy sector in Africa:

❖ Valsa Trading

One of the largest business partners of solar energy companies in Africa. The company has been a supplier of choice for a diverse and comprehensive line of industry products for over a decade. It also designs, manufactures and delivers assembly systems for the solar photovoltaic industry on the African continent.

It also has branches in Kenya and Zimbabwe, distribution partners in Namibia, Botswana, Zambia, Swaziland, Madagascar, Malawi. She sells her products all over the continent. It is positioned as providing high-end quality products.

❖ Asunim Solar

Asunim Solar collaborates around the world with the best manufacturers and suppliers of solar PV (photovoltaic) components. It is inspired by the needs of customers in order to provide the right engineering solutions. Each customer with a particular need, it would provide specific solutions in terms of photovoltaic panels, inverters, cabling and structures corresponding to the technical characteristics.

After-sales service consists of installing the entire PV system with the customer’s agreement, providing the first years of operation and management free of charge. Asunim Solar belongs to the Asunim group, a multinational operating worldwide. The group is present in Portugal, United Kingdom, Greece, Spain, Italy, Turkey, Chile, United Arab Emirates and South Africa. In their positioning, they draw on their history and experience.

❖ Sinetech (PTY) ltd

In the field of solar PV energy, Sinetech has established itself since 1995 as the leading provider of solar energy services in South Africa. It offers its customers back-up batteries, UPS systems, energy protection products, power converter, power distribution and renewable energy.

In its products, it brings together the main brands and components to supply Africa. The services allow customers to keep their solar panels up-to-date with individual module management (IMM) technology. Defective panels would be quickly detected.

The company has CIGS thin film solar panels. These panels are made to generate 14% more energy per day than conventional solar panel technologies.

Sinetech solar panels benefit from a guaranteed performance over time.

❖ Moroccan Agency for Sustainable Energy (MASEN), NOOR Project.

It is the largest thermodynamic solar complex in Africa and one of the largest in the world. The desert areas of Morocco are ideal for the deployment of thermodynamic solar power plants. This is a forward thinking solution for years to come. It aims to develop 2000 MW solar-based electricity production capacities for 2020. The project implemented by the MASEN agency consists of 02 CSP plants, and will have the impact of:

– Reduce greenhouse gas emissions, ie 3.7 million tonnes of CO2 avoided.

– Contribute to the creation of a new solar industry in Morocco.

– Control a national resource, given its exceptional rate of sunshine

– Reduce the energy expenditure of the Kingdom and strengthen its electronic production capacity.

– Mitigate the negative impact of energy imports on state finances.

❖ Solar Africa

Specializing in renewable energies, the company offers photovoltaic power systems as well as hybrid electric energy storage. Africa Solaire’s flagship product is the electric regulator. They mainly offer grid energy storage solutions that automatically restore it in the event of an outage. The structure also specializes in sanitation and easy access to water, and continuous power supply systems. Most of Africa Solaire’s achievements are in rural areas. With regard to the water supply in particular, the incoming water is of good quality, supplied automatically via the valves and valves, sending the latter to the water tanks.

In view of the rise of policies concerning renewable and sustainable energies in general, and solar in particular, it is very likely that access to electricity is no longer a difficulty for the vast majority of Africans, from here the next 2 decades.

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