Stephan Eyeson : Survey 54 is a mobile surveillance platform for AI!

Survey 54 a mobile AI survey platform that makes it easier to find answers to crucial questions in Africa, emerging markets and minority communities around the world. We believe that data collection is evolving on the continent and we want to facilitate decision-making by anyone using genuine primary data. We use SMS, applications and voice technology to reach our respondents.

Survey 54 was founded by Stephan, a former Surveymonkey collaborator, who found data collection on the continent and emerging markets difficult. The founding team has a background in data science and machine learning. Survey54 is building a long-term platform to predict data, which will facilitate decision-making in these markets using the data. 

They believe in solving societal problems and that decision-making should be based on data. People are the voice of data in their communities and now have the power to express it through technology.


The mission of Survey 54 a mobile surveillance platform for AI is to exploit and make this data accessible and usable to those with decision-making authority. Survey54 aims to recover responses from audiences in Africa and emerging markets. They help organizations collect data, using the power of voice technology and social platforms.

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