les grandes dates du numérique

The big digital dates in Ivory Coast

Boubacar Diallo

Among the business sectors, the digital sector is booming thanks to endogenous liveliness; which convinced the authorities to lay the foundations for a digital economy, a source of inclusive growth. Today, the big digital dates in the Ivory Coast market represent one of the most attractive markets in West Africa for companies in the field of New Information and Communication Technologies (NTIC). According to the Ministry of Digital Economy, the country currently has 33,345,000 subscribers to mobile telecommunications services and 13,000,000 subscribers to mobile internet. A sector boosted by the arrival in the local landscape of smartphones imported from Asia and less expensive, 3G in 2012 and fiber optics in 2013 with a deployment of a length of 1,400 km in the southwest, 549 km to North-east ; in 2017, deployment across the country was finalized over 7,000 km, connecting all the administrative and economic centers of the country, thus favoring the arrival of 4G. This boom in mobile telephony has led to new consumer trends, particularly in commerce where more than 100,000 people subscribe to online sales platforms.

The habits of the Ivorian population have been transformed by the growth of digital maturity, which has encouraged the adoption of new services and the development of new activities, creating values: e-commerce, mobile payment, outsourcing, production of mobile applications, audiovisual production, creation of video games, IT security, etc. This has favored the installation of several local and international digital agencies; classic communication agencies have also set up. New professions are emerging. The digital professions are experiencing a real craze, but the need for solutions to bring in digital is still present.


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