The hunt for ideal profiles is open in all sectors of activity on the African continent. In the world and in Africa in particular, recruitment needs depend on the region in which one is located and the prevailing socio-economic situation. The technological advance, forcing companies to adapt, has had an impact on their recruitment policies, following the natural introduction of new skills.

Recruiters lean towards both local professionals and those in the diaspora. Among the differentiating criteria, there is the speed of operationalization, and sometimes even the ability to develop proximity with local populations. It should be noted that there has been an evolution in the types of trades in certain areas, notably in the Maghreb. Due to the lack of training in particular, certain profiles corresponding to jobs that are qualified as new are sometimes very rare, even though the tied remuneration can be significant.

There are obviously new digital professions, such as big data architect, digital project manager, web and mobile product manager, content manager, chief data officer, SEO consultant, data scientist etc.

Several companies such as banks, food companies, oil companies, mining companies are in digital transition. A link between multinationals and local cultures, candidates for these new professional positions must most often be bilingual (French – English).

On the other hand, the main providers of employment in Africa remain in tillage and livestock activities. This does not stop the development, however, and the demand for “new” professions is continuing. The proof, the 20 most sought-after jobs at the moment:

1.Software and web developer

Their job is to develop powerful work tools and secure interfaces for interaction with customers to meet the needs of businesses.

2. Systems and network administrator

Its missions are the installation and configuration of network and telecom equipment and software, supervise and troubleshoot network and telecom systems and applications. He is responsible for setting up and configuring the various business networks, administering networks, systems and ensuring their performance.

3. Systems and database analyst

He develops and manages integrated data management solutions using software. It deals with the development and implementation of guidelines, procedures and models for data management.

4. Community Manager

He is in charge of the development and animation of communities on the internet, around a project, a cause, a product or a brand.

5. Technical and business architect

For the success of the company’s business, he designs applications and software for computer systems that will be executed according to business strategies.

6. Business analyst

His job consists of analyzing the business needs of a product or a company, modeling the processes for an IT solution that will meet the needs of the customers.

7. Webmaster, SEO

The SEO’s mission is to increase the visibility of his client on the various search engines. To achieve this, it identifies competitors and targets, calculates and organizes keywords with the aim of establishing consistent SEO. As for him, the webmaster is administrator of the site and the creation of content, being able to also manage an editorial team.

8. Purchasing director

Buys very large quantities of products intended for distribution at points of sale. He negotiates prices with suppliers and also ensures the quality of the products. Its various suppliers are both national and foreign.

9. Logistician

An efficient and efficient distribution network allows a significant reduction in distribution costs as much as possible. His job is to manage the transport of goods from purchase to arrival on the shelves. In industry, he finds the most efficient and inexpensive methods of transport and storage of raw materials, semi-finished and finished products.

10. The department manager

He is responsible for all the activities of a department. It regulates the work of its employees and the sale of products on the shelves. He negotiates the prices of goods with suppliers. It defines the prices to be displayed on the shelves and the various related promotions.

11. Production line operator

Its mission is to organize, prepare and control the installation activities constituting the production line. Responsible for QHS (quality, hygiene, safety), he ensures the supply of raw materials, the operation of equipment, validates the quality of products and ensures maintenance.

12. Agricultural advisor, agricultural engineer

He goes around the farms to offer solutions to farmers to help them develop their business intelligently. He is an expert in new agricultural technologies and legislation. He can either be self-employed, employed by a cooperative or a community. In addition to advising qualities, the agricultural engineer looks for the best production methods in the industry.

13. Farm operator

He doesn’t always have a green thumb. A true entrepreneur with many hats, he is a breeder, grain grower, wine grower, etc. He oversees the development of his farm and the development of the facilities. He takes care of the administrative and financial management of the company and relations with the bank, accounting and negotiates partnerships.

14. Consignee

He’s a dockside shipping agent. His job is to represent the owner in connection with a ship’s call. He is the interlocutor between the port captain and the port stakeholders. It collects data allowing customs revenue to collect their customs taxes.

15. Structural engineer

The African continent is being built little by little, hence the need for specialists in order to link the large metropolises together by roads, highways, bridges. They analyze problems, critical factors, participate in engineering methods, provide expert advice on design and construction methods.

16. Financial expert

Its job is to check and supervise the processes and systems put in place for internal control. Attached to general management or to the financial department, he is the guarantor of financial information.

17. Architect engineer

It has the heavy mission of transforming and beautifying the continent. To do this, it is essential that he has a perfect knowledge of the cultural and aesthetic context. It will thus be able to design, cities, landscapes, habitats, buildings, offices, halls, sports complexes, shopping centers, parks etc.

18. Technical director

Supervision and management of technical staff are its missions. Also, he ensures the scrupulous respect of standards, develops and maintains technical installations

19. Commercial director

Its activity consists in the implementation of the policy of sale or liquidation of stocks of products and services.

20. Risk manager

Its role is to think, act and implement processes in a methodical, economical and coordinated manner, so as to control the probability of risks arising.

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