Has the idea of ​​investing in a start-up ever crossed your mind? Never ? Yet investing in this type of structure, despite the risks, has many advantages. In addition, since the emergence of crowdfunding, investing in a start-up has become more accessible. Here are some answers that will give you a whole new perspective on investing in a start-up.

1. For significant “potential” added value

By investing in a growth start-up, you are betting on the future economic leaders of tomorrow while hoping to achieve added value. It is true that all of these young companies will not necessarily experience the same success.

However, investing wisely in a promising start-up, which operates in the same industry as yours and in which you are involved, can allow you to achieve significant capital gain when it is resold. It is undeniable that today’s start-ups are more innovative and agile, so they are better equipped than a traditional company to face the crisis.

2. Take part in an entrepreneurial adventure

By investing in an innovative start-up you can take part in a memorable and exciting entrepreneurial adventure. By really getting involved in the operation of the start-up, you commit yourself alongside a young entrepreneur with the aim of supporting him in the development of his activity.

When you invest in a start-up chosen by you, you benefit from the opportunity to follow its evolution, analyze its progress and follow your financial investment while participating in an entrepreneurial adventure that you might not have. not tried yourself.

3. Benefit from favorable taxation

Start-ups are generally seen as engines of growth. They are also the source of job creation. Based on this observation, the Ghanaian government has put in place incentive schemes for investment in start-ups.

Indeed, for these companies, profit taxes amount to 32%, which is much lower than the rate applied by neighboring countries.

4. Contribute to job creation

You have to face the facts. The businesses of today will not be able to create the jobs of tomorrow within a few years. In a context where competitiveness is important, start-ups are positioning themselves as high growth companies.

They thus contribute to the creation of a new growth model. As proof: their numbers keep increasing! It is therefore wise to bank on them as a source of job creation.

5. Carry out a citizen act

Investing in a start-up in the early stages is an act of citizenship! In fact, the contribution of capital to this company with high growth potential contributes not only to the creation of jobs but also to the production of added value for the national economy.

Funding early stage start-ups promotes national growth. Indeed, unlike traditional companies which are generally facing a decline in growth, start-ups, for their part, display an undeniable dynamism.

When the investment results in added value, a virtuous relationship is established between the funded start-up, its growth is indeed “boosted” thanks to the contribution of additional funds, and the investor, the company. having gained in value.

Win-win investment should encourage individuals to contribute to the financing of national entrepreneurship. In addition, by funding innovation and creativity, you place your country in the microcosm of the world’s most innovative start-ups.

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