This advice and decision-making support platform for farmers, founded by Gabonese Dieudonné Okalas Ossami, was awarded on January 13, 2017, at the 27th Afrique-Franc summit in Bamako, for its role in the digital transition of the sector. agriculture in Africa.

Ten African and French technological innovations selected out of a total of around 500 start-ups that have contributed to Digital Africa, initiated by the French Development Agency (AFD) and the public investment bank (Bpifrance), were awarded on the 13th January 2017, in Bamako, during the Africa-France Economic Forum. Among these digital revelations is the start-up “e-Tumba”, a system to improve agricultural yields in technologically poorly equipped areas.

Dieudonné Okalas-Ossami, creator of the e-Tumba application, was guest of Charlie Dupiot in 7 Billion Voisins on September 22, 2016. ©

According to the founder of e-Tumba, Dieudonné Okalas Ossami, by connecting African farmers to new, innovative technologies for simulating plant growth, e-Tumba makes it possible to reduce the use of water and chemicals, while increasing the quality and quantity of yields and preserving natural resources and the environment. “Our system adapts to many crops, from rice to wheat, including soybeans, sugar cane and cotton. The advice provided by our interface is based on scientific calculations. Indeed, it is an algorithm which makes it possible to calculate the actions to be carried out on the plot according to the conditions “, he explained, assuring moreover that” (…) most small farmers in sub-Saharan Africa do not do not have such tools. This is why we work a lot with agricultural advisers, who can themselves help their farmers obtain better yields thanks to our solutions “.

With his project to develop connected weather stations, allowing farmers in southern countries in particular to receive advice in real time, based on the objective data of their plots, the doctor in software engineering and former director at Veriphone France, Dieudonné Okalas Ossami, obtained from the two organizers of the competition, the French Development Agency (AFD) and Bpifrance, technical and financial support, for a maximum cumulative value of 40,000 euros.

E-Tumba designs and develops innovative decision support tools for the production and real-time dissemination of individualized agronomic recommendations, through new communication technologies (SMS, USSD, email, Internet, etc.). They come in several formats, in particular (audio, 3D, curves, texts, tables, graphics, etc.).

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