Responding to the call made to the diaspora by President Alassane Ouattara, he decided to invest in his native country, Côte d’Ivoire where he is prospecting with a view to setting up a branch of the group very soon J3A Technologies and a partnership with Fraternité Matin.

Jean-André Ahipeaud: The Ivorian who designs Smartphones

Responding to the call made to the diaspora by President Alassane Ouattara, he decided to invest in his native country, Côte d’Ivoire where he is prospecting with a view to setting up a branch of the group very soon J3A Technologies and a partnership with Fraternité Matin.

Young, slender, elegant, his head full of ideas to boost the development of his country. After his baccalaureate series D (scientific) obtained in Ivory Coast, in 1998, at the high school boy of Bingerville, Jean André Ahipeaud, since it is him that it is about, leaves for Europe. Because of untimely strikes in the university environment. “I started the 98/99 academic year at the University of Abidjan, at the Faculty of Economics against the advice of my elders who asked me to orient myself in medicine. But because of the endless strikes, I went to continue my studies in Europe in October 1999. Europe was therefore also for me a means to continue in the path I had chosen and not the one that they wanted to impose me, ”he says.

As the training conditions in Europe are not the same as in Africa, Jean-André Ahipeaud will enroll in grandes écoles and universities. Today, he holds an “Executive MBA” (Bac +7) in Finance, Strategy and Leadership from HEC Paris with a specialization in Entrepreneurship and Innovation, a Master (Bac + 5) MIAGE from Paris Dauphine University, an Advanced Certificate in Innovative Management and Entrepreneurial Leadership from Babson College Massachusetts in the United States, an undergraduate degree in economics from the University of Paris 8 and he is a former auditor of the CNAM-IE “Engineer Cycle” in Modeling, Optimization, complexity and algorithm.

He is always looking for other degrees. “We never stop learning,” we don’t often say. He captivates those around him with his extraordinary ability to learn and assimilate lessons. Better still, companies court him and offer him contracts while still a student engineer. But he will not take the bait since his goal is to be the owner of his business after his diplomas. He is encouraged by certain members of his entourage. “A bank executive, one of whose technical teams I trained on JAVA programming, promised me that I would pass orders if I started my own IT engineering and services company without waiting to graduate. He told me that I knew a lot more than many of his graduate engineers and that if I trained other engineers in JAVA programming, he would take them all on as consultants, “he recalls.

Faced with such proposals, no hesitation. All this knowledge gained is useless if it is not put to use. “So I started the business without getting all of my degrees. In doing so, I took a huge risk, but the dream of being my own boss convinced me, “said Jean-André Ahipeaud, whose company” J3A group “has enjoyed extraordinary success in Europe. “So I was never an employee of anyone else. And despite the rapid success of the company, I continued my studies because it was important for me to be a graduate, “he adds proudly.

More than a childhood dream come true. Indeed, Jean-André Ahipeaud’s passion for technology started from reading an article in Capital magazine on the exploits of Bill Gates through Microsoft. It was in 1994. While he was destined for accounting studies against the wishes of his older brothers who saw him as a great doctor. “After reading this article, I decided to turn to IT so that I too would one day have my multinational technology company. But as I also loved finance so I later decided to do a double course in order to graduate in both disciplines, “he explains. Ah fate!

Today, Jean-André Ahipeaud is the CEO of his company ” J3A Technologies ” which includes four divisions: The Information Systems Engineering division which groups together the group’s historic businesses (IT Services, Software Development, etc. …); the Strategy division, specializing in strategic advice to private or state organizations and to the States themselves; the consumer electronics division that designs and distributes Saturn High Performance Tablets and Smartphones; and the Internet division.

Note that the African extension of the parent structure, “J3A Technologies” created since 2001, in Europe will be known as the J3A Software Group.

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