Cameroon: a digital portal to compare the prices of food products on the market

Boubacar Diallo

The Cameroonian Ministry of Commerce and the historic telecoms operator, Camtel, have just signed a partnership agreement to collaborate in the animation of the Cameroon agro-pastoral portal (Camagro), launched a few months ago by Camtel. Thanks to Camagro, it has been learned, consumers and traders will be able to compare the prices of food products on the market, so that they can make a better selling or buying decision.

All these prices will be made available to the Camtel team responsible for running the platform, through the services of the Ministry of Commerce. In fact, this ministerial department has a periodically updated database, thanks to regular surveys carried out by its competent services scattered throughout the country.

According to Camtel officials, in areas that do not have an internet connection to access the platform, an SMS sending device will receive information on prices and products available in the various markets of Cameroon. .

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