DRC-Rwanda are now interconnected thanks to Tigo Cash mobile money

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Tigo DRC launched the monetary interconnection of two neighboring republics, the DRC and Rwanda. Now Mobile Money Tigo Cash is operational on both sides of the border of Rwanda and the DRC where a large volume of money transfers takes place. Thus, this interconnection is a concrete response to the need of Congolese and Rwandan consumers to send and receive mobile money through the Tigo cash platform.

The provision of such a service turns out to be essential for both nations; in this regard, the General Director of Tigo DRC, Uche OFODILE said: “Tigo DRC is doing its best to improve the lives of the Congolese population. We know that cross-border business between the DRC and Rwanda is an important factor in the health of the eastern economy of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Considering that certain countries like Ruthsuru, Masisi, Mulenge etc. do not have access to money transfer agencies, we make day-to-day business easier for them by providing a reliable and easy way to transfer money. “

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Samuel Brawerman, Manager of Tigo Cash DRC said: “According to the latest ARPTC report, the telecoms regulator in the DRC, Tigo Cash dominates the electronic money market in the DRC. Tigo Cash is differentiated by an approach that is based on quality of service: we ensure that our products meet a need of the population, that our agents have enough liquidity, that our platform is stable and that our teams provide the best possible training for users. It is in this perspective of quality coupled with an objective of increasing financial inclusion in the DRC that we are proud to launch this new tool useful to the Congolese population “

How it works?

To send money from Tigo cash from Rwanda to the DRC, enter * 200 * 6 # yes, and to send from the DRC to Rwanda, enter * 231 #. Subscribers in each country receive their money immediately in their local currency.

Once the money arrives in their account, subscribers should be able to use other Mobile Financial Services like P2P, Bill Payment or Cash out.

About Tigo Rwanda and Tigo DRC

Tigo Rwanda and Tigo RDC belong to Millicom, the leading telecoms and media group in the emerging market in Latin America and Africa. Millicom offers mobile, mobile finance, cable and satellite service to more than 56 million consumers in 14 countries, mainly under the Tigo brand. Present in the DRC since 2003 and in Rwanda since 2009, the Tigo brand has more than 26 million consumers in Africa.

After having created the bridge between Tanzania and Rwanda, Tigo Cash Remittance reflects the ambition of the Millicom International group to expand its Mobile Money market in Africa so as to create a virtual monetary zone in the various sub-regions of the continent. Launched in 2012 in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Tigo Cash currently occupies 37.8% of the Mobile Money market share, the head of the telecoms list.

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