Drinking water and electricity thanks to solar energy on the menu of a training in Batoufam

Boubacar Diallo

The sun is life, it is free and it is not owned by anyone, no tax on its consumption. In Africa, the sun shines 365 days of the year, which makes us confused about the existence of bacterial diseases.

The sun is an excellent disinfectant, but in Africa, everything is done to transform our bathrooms into reservoirs of bacteria because of the small size of the openings, the windows of the toilets must be wide to allow the sun to destroy the bacteria.

That’s not all, in Africa, we die of cholera because of the poor quality of water, adds to that millions of families who still live in the dark for lack of light while the sun shines all the day.

It was time that our engineers set to work to find a solution allowing populations to have pure water and light all night thanks to the energy accumulated during the day, it is this technology that the young Bolivia Wakam studied in a laboratory located near Turin, the ReTe laboratory which will open its doors to him thanks to the help of one of his university professors impressed by his achievements and his ideas for Africa. This technology he wants to put at the service of his continent.

A year ago, this young engineer from Cameroon organized training in Batoufam in the fields of mounting and maintenance of solar panels.

This year, 100 young people from Bayangam district will benefit from this training which will take place in Batoufam from August 24 to 31, 2016.

The young Bolivia does not intend to limit himself to training, he wants to illuminate the crossroads of the different villages, with panels which will be maintained by the young people trained.

The innovation this year is the system of drinking water from solar energy, a formula which according to him has an affordable cost even for the peasant lamda.


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