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GoMedical, digital medical agenda founded by Doria Rey

Boubacar Diallo

goMedical: digital medical agenda
Medical agenda, appointment booking platform but also patient monitoring tool, goMedical is the new digital interface intended to simplify making appointments to the doctor. Surrounded by a team of 16 professionals from various trades, Gilles Kounou brings innovation in the health field with the replacement of the paper agenda in hospitals as well as the paper health booklet, considered ineffective in the transmission of medical information of patients between different health professionals.

GoMedical app features
Its functionalities range from making an appointment with a doctor, to paying the consultation consultation fees via Mobile Money by a third party. Through the management of the health specialist’s agenda and access to the patient’s medical record. Receive new appointments in real time and benefit from the ability to save, cancel, transfer or reschedule an appointment in 1 click. Your patient and your doctors are informed in real time.

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