Haitian handyman builds his own car using scrap iron

Boubacar Diallo

Miragoâne, Haiti (HCNN) – A young Haitian, broke and unemployed, living in the southern city of Miragoane always dreamed of owning a car that he could never buy, so he decided that he would make his dream come true by building his own car without having a single penny, while a year later his work and his person would become the main attraction and the greatest curiosity of the city.
Kosto Cadet, 28, used the engine of a 125cc motorcycle to operate his car and took a full year to complete its construction due to the fact that he could not afford the equipment he needed to implement his project. However, he says he could have done it in about two months if he had the means and the equipment.

“I used a 125cc motorcycle engine to power it because that’s what I could get, but I could also use a 250cc engine,” Cadet told HCNN on Saturday. “And it took me a year to build the car because I often had to wait until I happened to find a small day or two-day job to get some money to buy things I needed, “he said.

Cadet is unemployed, but he sometimes earns a few pennies by doing portraits or painting a house in the neighborhood. So once in a while he could find some money to invest in the project.

“I have always been fascinated by cars. One day, I had a dream and I saw that I owned a car like the one I have today. So I decided that I would build it, “he said.

“People thought I was crazy. They didn’t believe I could do this on my own, “Cadet told HCNN. “I started picking up the iron debris I could get in the neighborhood and used some demolished vehicle materials to build my car,” he said.

Kosto Cadet is a very gifted handyman, but the provincial city where he lives does not offer him enough opportunities to further develop his skills and abilities in order to do better than build from scratch a vehicle, which drives for real . Of course, this is already an extraordinary feat.

“No one taught me to do this. I developed my own creative spirit, my intelligence to understand and determine how to do it, “said Cadet. “I’m getting famous today and it helps a lot. Everyone loves the car, ”he said with satisfaction and a smile on his face.

He hopes to be able to rely on the help of those who appreciate his work so that he can improve it and deepen the experience he lives with so much passion.

“I can do much more and much better if I get a little help,” said Cadet, who hopes to one day be able to meet Haitian President Michel Martelly or Prime Minister Evans Paul, in the hope of obtaining assistance from the government.

“I hope that day will come one day,” concluded Kosto Cadet.

Source: http://hcnn.ht/fr/2015_10/local/479/Un-bricoleur-ha%C3%AFtien-construit-sa-propre-voiture-%C3%A0-l’aide-de-d%C3 % A9bris de fer.htm # .VlsC8V9T-Cs.facebook

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