The first computer Made in Mali

Boubacar Diallo

If you go to Mali one day and you see a computer with an HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) screen, a PC card with a capacity of one gig of Ram (Random-access memory), with a speed of 1.4 giga-hertz processor, mouse and keyboard, all running under “Ubuntu” and that it bears the mark of “Limmorgal” do not be surprised. Rest assured, this is not one of the many cheap and poor quality computers that are flooding the African market.

“Limmorgal”, which means calculator, in the Fulani national language, is the work of companies under Malian law Internet society Mali (ISOC Mali) and Intelec 3. Made with simple hardware, this computer has, just at the back of the ‘screen, a box which contains all the accessories and control terminals.

The designer of this machine is Mamadou Iam Diallo who is a doctor of physics, ICT expert, and teacher at the Higher Institute of Training and Applied Research (ISFRA) in Bamako. “We designed this machine to help reduce the digital divide, but also to popularize the computer tool, especially in schools,” he said.

In addition to being accessible at a price of 171,000 FCFA, this computer can be powered by solar energy. Low in energy consumption, the machine just needs 24 watts to start up.

The designer of this machine does not intend to stop at this version of his invention. Indeed, he intends to develop the product in the future so that it can meet other needs.


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