The portable hospital: an invention of Nigerian doctor Seyi Oyesola

Boubacar Diallo

“Hospital-in-.a-box” is an operating room complete with tools like defibrillators, ECG monitoring, anesthesia and surgical lighting. The objective of its inventor, Doctor Seyi Oyesola, is to enable rural populations to have access to healthcare, including that which is inaccessible by road.

The portable hospital can be delivered by jeep or helicopter. It can also be personalized for oral surgeries such as the removal of wisdom teeth or to remove cataracts, appendages or gallbladder. According to the news site African Developement Successes, “Hospital-in-a-box” is also used for heart surgery and for hysterectomies (surgical procedure that involves removing all or part of the uterus.) Justifying the creation of this kit Seyi Oyesola says: “What we really need are African solutions that suit Africa, considering the culture of the people, and how much money they have. “

The ready-to-assemble can be powered by a solar panel, a pedal or a 12 volt plug from a car. The device costs 50,000 pounds sterling or about 77,350 dollars.


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