Since childhood, Baïla Ndiaye, of Senegalese nationality, has been passionate about cars. From the age of 8, he tries to “tinker with” miniature cars using wire. Little by little, his childhood dream came true. His knowledge of physics and chemistry allowed him a few years later to build the “Sindiely”, a single-seater car with electronic injection.

A childhood focused on the automotive sector

Grandson of Ibrahima Sarr, first mechanic in the city of Thiès, Senegal, Baïla Ndiaye was immersed in the automotive world from his earliest childhood. It was at the age of 7 that he made his first small car. The material used? Iron wires.


A few years later, Baïla Ndiaye turned to studies intended to enable him to obtain the knowledge necessary for motorist design.


After obtaining her scientific baccalaureate (Bac C), Baïla Ndiaye continued her higher studies in France at an engineering school. Now a mechanical engineer and industrial consultant, Baïla Ndiaye is at the head of his own company OZ Ingénierie, located in Duttlenheim, in the Strasbourg region.


It was at the start of the 2010s that Baïla Ndiaye began manufacturing the “Siendiely” car, in reference to the daughter of Abdoulaye Wade, former president of Senegal, who had participated on several occasions in the Paris-Dakar rally.

The manufacture of the “Sindiely”

Thanks to the people of Thiès, who provided Baïla Ndiaye with the mechanical parts he needed, the Sindiely car was born in 2011. At that time, the people of Thiès doubted the project. This attitude forced Baïla Ndiaye to work alone on the project.

The mechanical parts used for the construction of the Sindiely come from cars and motorcycles, of different brands, intended for the scrapyard. The engine was previously installed on a motorcycle. As for the front axles, they come from a Peugeot 205. Currently, this “legendary car” is in the workshops of the technical high school in the city of Thiès, a large number of students having subsequently provided assistance. to Baïla Ndiaye. All the mechanical parts used have been modified, adjusted and adapted to meet the specifications developed by the inventor.

The goal of this Geo Find Everything? Demonstrate that it is quite possible to design any machine from nothing.

The adventure continues for Baïla Ndiaye

The end of the construction of the Siendiely marks the start of a new adventure for Baïla Ndiaye. In fact, in 2014, he embarked on the manufacture of an ULM, Sakiliba, respecting the same principle as that applied during the design of the car, namely: using recycled materials.

With a wingspan of 13 meters, the UlM flies at 100 km / h, consumes five liters per 100 km and has a load capacity of 200 kg.

The last challenge that Baïla Ndiaye wishes to take up? The design of a counter-rotating helicopter from Africa, named Lepaleup.

The invention of the Siendiely car by Baïla Ndiaye proved that Africa has undeniable know-how. Faced with this observation, the development of the African continent therefore implies capitalizing and relying on local knowledge and skills.

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