After a training of trainers carried out by Bamako Incubator and 10000coders in February 2017 in Bamako, the time has come for the training of Java application developers in Bamako. Relying on the one hand on Malian citizen trainers, generous determined to build the Mali of tomorrow, and on the other hand on the educational material (course materials and practical work) of the 10000codeurs program, dynamic Bamako Incubator poses during these holidays a act that goes in the direction of the emergence of Mali. Target 2000 developers trained over 10 years.
Capitalizing on Mali’s demographic dividend

Bamako Incubator and the 10000codeurs program are convinced that Africa must make of its demographic dividend an asset for the Continent by creating a leadership of the Continent on issues of expertise in digital. In particular, it is about making Mali a country of choice for high-level resources in Mobile Cloud web application development. This vision finds its operational implementation with the will of Malians and Africans to strengthen the capacities of Malian IT specialists and to chart the road to technical excellence in the service of Mali.
3 months for the fundamentals JAVA Web application development
The training format chosen by Bamako Incubator is 3 months. 3 intensive months to obtain a “Java Web Developer” certificate, corresponding to Modules 1 to 8 of the detailed 10000coders program.

Classes take place every day from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m., Monday to Friday in the premises of Bamako Incubator at the Amadou Hampaté Ba Center (CAHBA) for human development and quality of life, in Missira in front of the hotel on “Djenné”.

Determined, Generous, Citizen trainers
The trainers of this accelerated training session are Malian developers trained themselves in 10000coders teaching techniques.
They have met every Saturday since February, have worked seriously on the pedagogical approach in order to be able to best convey their technical expertise. They are Tidiane SYLLA, Mahamane Amar MAIGA, Mahamadou MAIGA and Jean-Louis MOSSE NDA GNIE.
They try to convey what they have learned as best they can. They thus become benchmarks, references for these young people who have come to train and develop skills that for some will allow them to create digital applications and services that Mali and Africa need for its development.

Developer or Startupers?

The operational skills are lacking to realize the software solutions. It is important to focus on the development of operational expertise that will allow the promoter of a start-up project either to easily find a developer for the realization, or (better) that this promoter himself has the basics techniques for making a prototype. The initiative led by Bamako Incubator and the 10000codeurs program goes in this direction.

“Bamako Incubator and the 10000codeurs program invite as many Malians as possible to approach its incubator to develop skills in Application Development and Entrepreneurship.”

Prepare African Developers for Global Projects

Behind Bamako Incubator’s training, there is the desire to prepare a new generation of Malian IT specialists, “product” oriented, capable of developing and deploying modern cloud-oriented applications and capable of supporting millions of users.

The road is long, but Bamako Incubateur can count on the determination, the technical and educational expertise of 10,000coders

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