The mobile game project “The Responsible” has been launched since November 2016 just a few months after the release of the game Aurion pc. The concept has evolved a lot because the first idea of this game was to put the player in the shoes of a President of the Republic so that he can cope with the constraints and requirements of this function.

But after much thought, the team decided that it would be more fun to simulate the life of an official drawing inspiration from our clichés and situations experienced in Cameroon. At the moment “The Manager” has already gone through 3 versions of alpha at the level of gameplay, visual or art direction.

The team is working hard to make it the 1st COMIC MOBILE GAME THAT SIMPLIFIES THE LIFE OF AFRICAN OFFICIALS. This time the project is no longer worn alone by our founder Olivier Madiba but by the entire team dedicated to the project.

“The civil service and governance are central topics in the discussions of young Africans. We have been working for a year to make it a fun game. We found a satisfactory formula. ”

Olivier Madiba,
Founder Kiro’o Games

“We have created an imaginary country, the Mboa, which is a caricature of our states. The game will allow to simulate in a comical way, a life of executive of the African public service, inspired by the clichés of the Cameroonian civil service. ”

Ngounou Ivan,
Game designer / founder of the YouTube channel Tanaki video

“The game will go further than your smartphone. We are creating an extended universe. For example the facebook page of the game will give news of the Republic of Mboa according to the activities of the community of players.

Yakan Dominique,
Lead designer

(Team dedicated to the project working)


Welcome to the Republic of Mboa. Managed with eternal love by S.E. President, guide, founder, savior, Raoul Boutel Mougabiang (RBM).

In the years 2016-2018 President RBM has managed to convince all French-speaking African countries to create a single republic to pool their resources and move forward.

President RBM wants to make the Republic of Mboa an exemplary country in which democracy reigns supreme and where the people can vote for its rulers except for the Supreme Leader (the President) who is loved for life.

Before the existence of the Republic of Mboa, being an unrelated young person did not give access to work in a large company.

But today, the future of young people is no longer so dark because a new generation of men and women are devoting themselves every day to the service of the people so that things change. And our dear founder, supreme guide and savior President RBM is the initiator of this new dynamic.

That is why, in order to build an emerging nation in the short term (at Mboa we do not like projects that last forever ^ _ ^), HE President RBM has launched a vast campaign of recruitment of state agents because for him the official is the cornerstone of development.

Thus the Mboa is based on a system where we will have the most “civil servants in competition” ever seen on earth and only those who sacrifice themselves for the country must be entitled to the highest honors.

It is at this moment that the story of the official you will incarnate will start: you are the hope of the village. Everyone contributed when you passed the Enam contest.

After years of hard studies, you have (finally) the valuable number. This is the beginning of your career in the Mboa government.

Will you become a senior official of our beloved Republic of Mboa?

Depending on the evolution of the development of the “Responsible” game, the team will unveil images, illustrations and video of the game.

We want to create an imaginary country that will be the caricature of our states. The game will allow the player to simulate in a humorous way, the life of the executives of the African public service, inspired by the clichés of the Cameroonian civil service.

(Screenshot of the prototype of the manager interface)

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