Young of only 24 years old, Nair Abakar is a Chadian who puts his knowledge and his passion at the disposal of the continent. The young man, passionate about IT, not only dreams of a better Africa but wants to participate actively in its development, this is the great motivation of his work. Far from being a simple spectator of the life of the continent, in 2015 he created “Darna Tchad”.

Created in July 2015, “Darna Tchad” is an application that can be downloaded for free on mobile platforms. This allows its users to discover the good plans of the capital of Chad, N’Djamena, through the addresses of the best services and the know-how of professionals and businesses in the city. The impact in Chad and internationally has been such that Nair has chosen to scale his application across Africa and offer new features.

The young entrepreneur does not stop at success and launches a digital platform dedicated to education called: “Africa Campus”, this application supports and guides the learner in his choice of path, thus optimizing his chances of integrating the sector. adequate to its ambitions. The platform is already accessible on the website:

Naïr Abakar continues his vocation to create a better Africa by creating the great international fair for African students. The first on the continent, this fair will take place from February 23 to 25, 2017 in N’Djaména. It will be an opportunity for thousands of students to meet the many schools, universities, institutes from all over Africa, and learn more about entrepreneurship.

The concept of this unprecedented event is simple “Many conferences will be hosted by renowned speakers to promote African excellence and say that we are able to train our children in Africa,” said Naïr Abakar. And it is quite true.

Find more information on the event website:

Like Naïr, we are all concerned with the development and success of Africa. And this development requires taking the initiative, whether in the educational world but also in entrepreneurship

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