Humaniq (, marks the milestone of its application which has just reached its first 50 000 downloads by announcing a new improved version.
Humaniq has announced a completely free and secure application for digital wallet and instant chat, along with a new reference program for its user community. The Humaniq application, based on bioID, includes a digital wallet, and a secure instant messaging service. This will allow the unbanked to have a digital identity, and make peer-to-peer transactions in African countries (Uganda, Senegal, Zimbabwe, Tanzania and Rwanda).


The new features of the application are:

New reference program

With Humaniq’s egalitarian issue approach, a large portion of HMQ crypto-tokens is reserved for active users of the application. A referral program showed a very positive adoption curve from users, with more than 10,000 users inviting more than 75,000 thousand friends to join the app. The new Humaniq 2.0 reference program will build on this point by showing the community’s progress and thus make the referral process more transparent and intuitive for all users.

Extension of the transaction options

Transactions can now be done via the chat system. The principle of the Humaniq application is that everything should be articulated around the humans who come together to build the community. That’s why the ability to communicate is crucial. The Humaniq team introduced transactions into personal conversations to focus on communication between people. Whether it’s a text, an image or a gift in HMQ, everything is now in one place.

Humaniq’s team of ambassadors in Africa received and analyzed user feedback, and with this data it was possible to create important updates
In addition, users are now allowed not only to send HMQs, but also to request them directly from their friends or family. The Humaniq team believes that asking for the desired amount is a more efficient and faster way to communicate financially. This feature is available to all users with access to the wallet, and is also secured by our enhanced anti-fraud system. Users can also take advantage of a new way of grouping transactions as a smarter way to organize personal communication. From now on, users will be able to focus clearly on financial history or correspondence with a specific friend by staying in the unified chat room. While the grouping of text and media messages will be based on timing, financial transactions will be grouped by type and type of action.

New integration process

The Humaniq team has redesigned the integration process to make it clearer and easier for inexperienced smartphone users. The close collaboration with Humaniq’s ambassadors in African countries has led to the creation of a welcoming process that adapts to the needs of customers, while the goal remains the same: to explain what features are available, how use them and how to benefit from their services.

New registration process

A new registration process allows users to start interacting with an assistant robot, which becomes smarter and learns to execute more useful commands, even without registration. Unlike traditional applications, where a user needs to specify the personal credentials required to access a particular feature, the Humaniq team wants users to choose the functionality they need and how to access it.

Optional access code and new security standards

The security standards of the Humaniq application have also been revised, and will allow users to opt out of the required access code. There is therefore an AI-powered system to decide when additional biometric verification is needed to eliminate the risk of unauthorized transactions.

“Humaniq’s team of ambassadors to Africa received and analyzed user feedback, and with this data it was possible to create important updates. We hope that our users will appreciate all the innovations and we will go even further towards our goal of empowering the unbanked “- said Anton Mozgovoy, CTO Humaniq.

The Humaniq team has also made additional infrastructure upgrades and with new CDN points, users in Africa will experience a 16% faster response rate thanks to the mobile app already available on Google Play (https : //, and usable even on low-end mobile devices running Android 4.0.3.

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