Dedicated to start-ups and innovation, VivaTech will be held from May 24th to 26th 2018 in Paris and will showcase innovators from around the world, particularly from Africa (ie AfricaTech aka African Tech scene), as well as dynamic sectors through conferences, events and dedicated spaces. Here are the 80 startups present at the event.


We are a Pan-African, Platform as a Service company that is focused on democratising access to communication & payments infrastructure for developers in Africa. We do this by connecting to Telcos and exposing their services to developers through easy to use APIs on our platform.


Afrimarket is a French generalist ecommerce company operating in 5 West-African countries which fully integrates last mile logistics.


Aparito’s regulated software platform (including wearable devices and disease-specific mobile apps) provides remote patient monitoring outside of the hospital environment. This delivers meaningful, real-time data to support and enhance diagnosis, treatment and drug development.


Our focus is to transform society through the development of digital health solutions and healthcare professionals in partnership with industry, academia, and communities. Together, we can achieve more good and promote innovation in Africa and ensure that we reach


Awesomity Lab is a software development company that builds easy to use custom solutions for complex problems.


Bisa means ask in the Ghanaian Twi language and it is a mobile application that allows users smart and non feature phones to directly interact with medical practitioners and receive healthcare information.


International payroll, invoicing and benefits on top of Bitcoin and the Blockchain. Send or receive a percentage of your salary or invoice in cryptocurrency. Send or receive international invoices and salaries faster and cheaper through Blockchain technology.


Bizao is a unique platform providing payment, communication and distribution services between digital services providers and mobile operators customers in Africa, Middle-East and Asia


Our revolutionnary aerial platform takes off like a drone, flies like a kite and produces its own energy. It can lift heavy payloads to outstanding heights. We are focused on two application fields: telecommunication (short run) & offshore electricity production (longer run).


Coliba is a startup that puts technology at the service of recycling and recovery of plastic waste through a web,mobile and SMS application.We give households and businesses a chance to capture the value of their waste while providing a reliable supply of materials.


Casky, the world’s first SaaS Platform offering 2 and 3 wheel vehicle operators a chance to earn an appreciative asset/income by driving safely, while offering a plethora of benefits for our B2B partners.


IoT system that helps farmers preserve their stored crops from the comfort of their phone.


CityTaps develops CTSuite: the only smart and prepaid water meter (CTMeter) and integrated sofware management system (CTCloud). CTSuite processes pay-as-you-go payments through mobile money so that water utilities can connect the urban poor to their networks.


Launched in May 2015, CoinAfrique is the leading peer to peer mobile marketplace in French speaking Africa with 150,000 monthly active users in 15 countries (X3 vs. 2016)


Datavora is the Bloomberg of e-commerce. We bring a global online market supply monitoring platform for global brands, retailers, e-shops and marketplaces who need to to optimize their sales.


Dot Incorporation developed the state-of-the-art, innovative, braille cell that is 1/20 size and 1/10 cost compared to existing technology. The goal of Dot is to solve the basic problem of cost, size, and functions of braille in order to reduce the invisible informational gap.


App to support people suffering from sickle cell anaemia.


S-NOC application enables visibility throughout various distribution networks down to the smallest independent retailer. The platform offers the ability to effectively digitize unorganized retail and is integrated with financial services (payment and credit) to ease cash flow.


S-NOC application enables visibility throughout various distribution networks down to the smallest independent retailer. The platform offers the ability to effectively digitize unorganized retail and is integrated with financial services (payment and credit) to ease cash flow.


Cloud-based Continuing Medical Education (CME) Learning Management System (LMS)


Specializing in FinTech, EthicPhone is an international mobile payment operator that has developed an application to call, transfer and make payments from your mobile. Clearly, this solution can alternatively allow the customer, from his mobile account EthicPhone Money


Etudesk is an e-learning platform that helps students and job seekers to learn the most demanded skills by companies in emerging markets.


FabLab Rwanda is the local home of Makers part of a global network of over 1000 labs, enabling innovation by providing individuals with access to tools for digital fabrication. FabLab provides a platform for capacity building and knowledge sharing.


Eyone helps to improve care quality by providing a connected health system where all involved actors : patients, physicians, clinics and hospitals have digital tools to manage their medical activities, interact each other and in the same time fill a central shared medical file.


Famoco, leader of secure professional Android devices, targets smart city, cashless payment, and access control markets. Famoco’s unique offer combines a dedicated device, secure OS and remote management platform. Today over 200,00 devices have been deployed in over 30 countries.


We are digital transformaker, we help our customer to acheive their goals in an agile manner with a good ROI. We are SmartShore and we provide development and Cloud/DevOps services. We capitalize on our team members and we coach them to be innovative, green and RGPD by design.


GiftedMom is using digital technology to provide pregnant women and nursing mothers with life-saving health information and connect them with specialised care or service providers. GiftedMom wants to democratize access to health care in Africa and emerging countries.


GotBot is an multi-channel AI solution. Focused on increasing and improving Retail and Customer Experience for businesses through always-on AI, real-time training. Created out of a need to build innovative, adaptable Artificial Intelligence driven solutions for the Retail and Com


HD Rain measures and predicts rainfall at short term and high resolution using a new and opportunistic technology. We offer alert systems to help cities and insurances to prevent flash floods, and rainfall maps applied to water management for agriculture and cities.


InTouch is a pan-African fintech created in 2014 in Senegal and currently operating in 8 countries. We developed a single platform (Touch) for companies and merchants to accept all means of payment and distribute a wide catalog of digital services.


Irembo builds and operates a technology platform that enables automated and online provision of public and government services.


The Internet Impact Sourcing platform for digital tasks


JALÔ empowers African small shop holders, by connecting them to suppliers and consumers through an innovative e-commerce platform enhancing existing trade channels. Our goal is to increase their revenues, improve their supply, and provide them social coverage, as key partners !


KEA Medicals aims to interconnect African hospitals through a single database in order to manage the whole patient medical information and provide a health microinsurance coverage for the populations in need.


Our challenge: accessibility and democratization of delivery in Africa, remote areas included. An innovative and patented operating model that secures transactions: parcels tracking, complete monitoring, PIN code delivery… even in flight mode ! #ParcelTech #Africa


Internet by light with solar panel in all rural village in Africa.


LishaBora is digitalizing the informal dairy sector in Kenya with our business management mobile application. Through our partnerships with dairy traders, entreprenuers who buy and sell milk, we conduct their accounting, build financial histories and sell our dairy products.


In order to provide households and public institutions with an adapted and efficient sanitation service, LONO has designed and tested a compact, modular and easy-to-use solution: the KubeKo Box. The KubeKo converts organic waste into compost and biogas for cooking.


As a pioneer company on the solar public street lighting market, Lumi’in offers real alternatives to classic street lighting by supplying cleaner, cheaper-to-use and smarter street lights.


Training (Oracle, IBM, SAP, Microsoft, Hauwei) Development (Html5, Css3, JavaScript, Java, JavaEE, C#, .Net) Support (1st Line, 2nd Line Support) Project management (PMP, Prince2, Agile, Scrum) Hardware (Laptops, Servers, Storage) Software (Microsoft, Oracle, Ibm, Sap)


Mandulis uniquely sells agricultural value addition services; alongside electricity generated using agricultural processing residues. This integrated solution to energy access, drives food security, poverty reduction & climate resilience


Counterfeit drugs market is growing, mainly due to a lack of supply chains’ security practices. Based on new European restrictions, Meditect includes blockchain technology and artificial intelligence to meet the needs, and empower patients and professionals to fight the traffic.


Medtrucks, social innovation startup, provides better health to the right patient at the right moment by combining an online medical platform and a network of mobile hospital partners.


Netwookie tackles the number one problem of informal markets, finding new customers. It connects individuals based on mutual contacts with pro’s using cloud based trust prediction algorithms, charging a fee per connection.


An elearning platform with Nuppio Bot, a personalized virtual assistant that enables educational conversations. Nuppio is the partner for successful learning experience based on artificial intelligence and gamified practices with fair learning for disadvantaged populations.


Our company was founded further to a life story (disability). It is a French brand (INPI). Our goal is to develop the electric mobility and the reduced mobility with security that permits to recharge the electric machine.


OKO is an InsurTech solution using satellite and mobile technologies to bring affordable crop insurance to emerging markets.


An agile and mobile first Sales Force Automation solution in a Software-as-a-service mode to enable Fast Moving Consumer Goods companies operating in Africa to better manage their distribution presence in the traditional trade and track their sales operations efficiency.


OTRAC is an e-learning platform that enables health practitioners to easily take continuous professional development courses online, at their own pace, on their mobile devices irrespective of their locations and earn a certificate capable of enhancing their career progression.


In Africa, there is a lack of laboratories In schools and most of them are outdated . The teaching of the experimental sciences is done only in a very theoretical way. Ownlabs provide an immersive experience that enables scientific learning through practice using VR.


Paps is the first technology-based logistics service in Africa, our mission is ambitious, to allow all Africans to receive and send everything they need in a simple, secure and affordable way.


Pascal Technology Ltd is a Rwandan software and Electronics Development company.


PayGo Energy has created a smart metering technology to track and control a cylinder fleet from a single platform. It allows customers to purchase LPG gas on a pay-as-you-go basis, removing cost barriers to clean cooking fuel for the next 3 billion people.


PayJoy was founded in 2015 in San Francisco with the mission of making smartphone technology and financial services affordable to everyone worldwide. Today, PayJoy offers finance to millions of customers in the US and Mexico, and is expanding throughout Latam, Asia, and Africa.


Predictus is developing a credit scoring methodology to distribute microloans in developing countries.


Reuniwatt is a pure player and pioneer in solar power forecasting. Our mission is to enable a safe and massive insertion of photovoltaic electricity into electrical grids. We offer innovative and state-of the-art solutions to help all the energy stakeholders make the right choice


We work hard to get quality medicines to those most in need, especially patients with non-communicable diseases, using our m-commerce platform, iSikCure and a network of Social Innovation Hubs targeting Tier 2 & 3 townships.


Samawat Energy is a female-founded renewable energy company. We provide affordable, off-grid, solar home solutions to individuals and small-businesses in Somalia through the use of a micro-leasing, rent-to-own payment system.


Sentool is a platform used to ease the distribution of all mobile money services by insuring the interoperability between all of them and using a technology that can be accessed through all devices.


Training ( End User Computing (Basic Computer), Graphic Design, Office Administration.


SimforHealth is a leading provider of innovative digital solutions for improving the training of healthcare professionals. Developed by SimforHealth, MedicActiV is an international medical platform dedicated to creating, consulting and sharing virtual medical cases.


Too busy? No time for a break? Or no ingredients to cook? With our mobile applications, we enable customers to get food delivered from their favorite spots in Abidjan. The company also supports local businesses in their digital transformation with dedicated applications.


several hundred schoolchildren do not have access to electricity to do their homework after dark. This binder, which they called SolarPak, exposed to daylight and sunlight, stores energy in the day, which is turned into light for studying at night.


Sunubus is a collaborative mobile application for bus localization and transport lines


Toufoula kids is a civic education oriented, content publisher in arabic language, it offers a printed magazine linked to a mobile application platform with augmented reality games and connect kids to their natural and social environnement both on digital and physical support.


TriTUX’s an international company specialized in IT engineering, IT consulting and Outsourcing. With over 15 years of experience, TriTUX’s a leading telecom solution provider.
Through a solid infrastructure and certifications in the field of new technologies, we provide engineering.


Tuteria is an online learning platform that connects you with verified, expert teachers in your area to learn any subject, skill, language or pass any exam. Founded in 2015, Tuteria has grown to become Nigeria’s most-trusted source of high-quality, pre-vetted personal teachers.


Ubuntu Energy Ledger is a decentralized energy data trading platform for African countries, based on The Energy Web open-source blockchain platform, and Exportunity’s mobile banking infrastructure.


Paps is the first technology-based logistics service in Africa, our mission is ambitious, to allow all Africans to receive and send everything they need in a simple, secure and affordable way.


Vizibiliti Insight Africa is an Artificial Intelligence business based in South Africa specialising in predictive and prescriptive technology solutions in financial, predictive manufacturing, and property technology industries.


Vula Mobile is a professional network of health workers and specialists that improves health care in rural, remote and underserved areas. Our vision is for all health workers to have access to specialist advice.


Wakatoon is revolutionising the colouring book industry by creating colouring books that transform into cartoons! Children become the artist of an animated drawing and develop their creativity in a fun and original way #YouAreTheArtist


WeCashUp is a B2B Universal Payment Gateway that enables online merchants to get access to 54 Emerging Countries, 155 alternative Payment solutions & 1 Billion+ Potential buyers through a single API integration.


Weebi markets a POS solution in francophone West Africa allowing wholesalers to sell more and waste less


WeFly Agri is the startup that provides user-friendly, drone-enabled technologies & services developed exclusively for agriculture in Africa. We give farmers eyes in the sky to remotely monitor crop progress, identify production inefficiencies & enable better crop management.


Wexity re-invents Urban Planning. Data-ready SaaS platform, Wexity applies for fast-growing territories in emerging countries. City makers are empowered with a true dynamic decision tool for investments and services to citizens. Wexity is the first step to Sustainable Smartcity.


Wizall Money provide mobile money transfer and payment services that make life easier for Africans.


Worts is a start-up that help small and medium size company, to be at the peak of technology. The seller can use marketing device, manage the staff and the clients. Also they can keep travel and at the same time get an eye on their business.


X Spark builds super efficient tools designed with the user in mind. Our solutions are designed to distinguish your company from the competition and help you to win by a mile.


Yellow Relay is the leader in express delivery to collection points in Africa. Thanks to our know-how we are the only one to deliver your parcels to a drop off points in Africa. Yellow Relay has built its network of more than 450 points in 33 African countries.


We develop the largest francophone digital library to change the way people read around the world. We gather ebooks, audiobooks and press strengthening access to culture and education and we offer solutions for individual publishing to promote digital inclusion.

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