AfriLabs, the pan-African network of technology innovation centers, has expanded its presence in Africa, welcoming eleven new tech hubs. They are the Nigerians nHub, iBridge and Startpreneurs, the Malawian inCUBE8, the Congolese Lumumba Labs, the Chadian Wenak Labs, the Kenyans Sote Hub and BitHub, the Ugandan The Innovation Village Kampala, the Zimbabwean The Tech Village and the Tanzanian dLab.

AfriLabs’ addition of these eleven new technological innovation centers to its network, now made up of 39 centers on the continent, is part of its ambition to create an innovation infrastructure that encourages the growth of the global economy. knowledge in Africa.

By supporting the development of start-ups, technology and innovation, by promoting partnerships between technology centers in different regions and by promoting the opportunities from which hubs and their communities can benefit, AfriLabs is certain to achieve its purposes.

“We are constantly seeking to collaborate with technology centers and other players in technology-related companies to defend collaboration and co-creation, in order to improve the political environment, access to the right tools and the means financial institutions in Africa, ”explained Anna Ekeledo (photo), director of AfriLabs’ secretariat.

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