The Cameroonian government has announced its targets for the digital sector, which should provide 50,000 jobs in 2020. The first steps towards this great challenge will take shape at the International Forum on the Digital Economy to be held from May 15 to 17 in Yaoundé.
Cameroon’s great ambitions for the digital sector are increasingly confirmed by government decisions. On the occasion of the International Digital Economy Forum to be held from May 15 to 17 in Yaoundé, the organizers of this event have just presented a foretaste of what will be the Cameroonian digital of tomorrow: quintuple direct jobs in this now vital sector, by focusing on future partnerships between institutions, local project leaders, North American companies and national and international investors.

“These partnerships should contribute to the development of the digital economy in Cameroon, in accordance with the axes of the Strategic Plan for the Digital Economy in order to increase its contribution to GDP from 5% in 2016 to 10% in 2020, creating jobs direct from 10,000 in 2016 to 50,000 in 2020 and the increase in taxes from 136 billion CFA francs in 2016 to 300 billion in 2020. The short-term ambition is to make Cameroon an African technological leader ”, can we? read in the declaration of the Cameroonian presidency. According to this document, Cameroon intends to promote the digital sector and make it a real financial resource by improving its visibility nationally and internationally.

To succeed in this scenario, however, the government should take a series of actions upstream to reduce the margin of hazards associated with this great challenge. This is what Minette Libom Li Likeng, Cameroonian Minister of Posts and Telecommunications, explained during a press briefing to present the forum. According to her, this event would be an opportunity to create “conditions for Cameroon’s successful transition to the digital economy and mobilize international funding for innovative projects in the sector”.

A promising forum

This high mass, to be held in Yaoundé, in the presence of large international IT groups, is no ordinary event. “This event, which follows on from the International Economic Conference” Investing in Cameroon: land of attractions “, aims to highlight the political will of the President of the Republic, Paul Biya, to promote the development of the digital economy in Cameroon. In particular, through B2B meetings and exchanges, the finalization of memoranda of understanding between international partners and startups “, comments the Cameroon Tribune magazine in its May 10 edition. Under the theme “How to succeed in the digital economy in Cameroon?”, The forum will bring together some 200 participants, including members of the government, representatives of African and international development institutions, civil society, operators in the sector, and investors. .

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