Colis224 provides Guineans from the interior and abroad with a community platform which enables sppehirs to be linked with travelers taking advantage of a trip already planned in Guinea to transport parcels or documents.

Tell us about Colis224 and how did you get the idea?

Kindy Dramé: I am the founder of, a community platform for sending parcels between individuals to and in Guinea. Which allows to connect shippers with travelers.

And the idea came to me quite simply from my brother who was a student in Lyon in France, he had to urgently receive a document, a criminal record to complete a file and it was necessary as quickly as possible for this document to reach him there and we We struggled to find a passenger who could agree to send the mail with him to France and post it to my brother.

Following this difficulty and the prices charged by agencies such as DHL, or the Guinean post office and this is where I told myself that I had to find a solution myself who have lived in Europe for years, I often encounter this problem. Having the skills of web developer, I simply launched out in the creation of the website. And this is how the idea for was born.

Ask other travelers who go to Guinea or the interior of the country to bring you things that can be documents, letters, parcels etc. as long as it is not too bulky. This principle also applies in Guinea, no need to go abroad for that. Almost every year you find in the bus stations of the country people who still mailed a small package and comes to make life easier for everyone.

You travel in your car alone why not reduce fuel costs by transporting a small package for another. With Colis224, you can ask anyone to do it for themselves. And There you go !

After a few months of development and testing was born!

And I have added a more classic package transport service between travelers by air or carpool, to give people the choice, either to be a simple passenger conveyor, or to be a buyer traveler, or to be the applicant.

Kindy Dramé, digital communications consultant and designer of the Colis224 platform

What are your products and services? is a parcel delivery platform between individuals to and in Guinea, which currently offers two services to its users:

The parcel delivery service between individuals: Do you want to send a parcel at a low price to Guinea or within the country? Entrust it to one of the platform users who goes to where your recipient is.

Or you are a traveler you create a dispatch or transport announcement with all the necessary information: When? Or ? How much ? At what price ? You will quickly receive by mail the shipping or transport proposals according to your advertising criteria. You make your choice, contact the member (s) concerned to transport the package.

And in the coming weeks we are working on other products.

A product purchase and delivery service: You want to buy a product that is not.

Available for example in Conakry where you are or whose shipping costs are very (too?) High? Ask one of the users to buy this product for you and deliver it directly to your home, at a low cost.

Parcel delivery with Colis224 is all that is more user-friendly, more economical and more ecological! And yes, you are reducing your carbon footprint.

The other service is to allow our users to have them delivered directly to their home, I can explain you live for example in Paris you entrust a mail to send to Conakry and one of your parents must come and pick up the mail at At the airport, the latter or, for whatever reason, you cannot find anyone to receive or collect the mail or the package.

This is where Colis224 comes in. We have a partner who will come and pick up the mail or parcel for you and deliver it where you want.

One more service; You will order your delivery on the site once you have found a traveler to send your package to our site and we will take care of the rest. Indeed, our services are very innovative and allow: For the applicant, to make real savings of up to 80% on the delivery costs of his package. For the traveler, to make his trips profitable by transporting packages from other individuals.

For all Guineans, to be able to get unique, local products in shops that are not necessarily available on the Internet or where you are. For our planet, to breathe better! Indeed, if a package is delivered by a traveler, it is not delivered by a dedicated means of transport. This reduces the carbon footprint of a package delivery and limits greenhouse gas emissions.

Of course, it is also essential to offer a useful and innovative service or product.

How do you earn money, what is your Business Model?

Colis224 is first and foremost a community networking platform and pays for itself on the purchase of a package, because on the site you have a free package that allows you to post your ad for free, but limited in functionality. It should also be emphasized that the traveler also earns money, fixes the price and negotiates with the sender. From anywhere they can choose their currency by posting an ad.

You leave New York for Conakry you post an ad “Voyager NY-Cky date: January 01, 2019 hour: 07H – Arrived Conakry 17H Price per kg 5 $” and whoever is interested will contact you directly on your advertisement thanks to a secure messaging and if you agree you check the package and recover the contact information of the final recipient and that’s it.

The paid plan for example offers you more features such as adding several photos, a photo gallery, a video, choosing hours of availability, a highlight on the home ie even if other users post ads your ad will remain at the top and will therefore be seen more and therefore more likely to be contacted; also the paid plan offers you the possibility of posting an urgent advertisement with urgent mention “sponsored”

What is that ?

The Urgent logo is a paid option indicating the products to be sold urgently. Urgent announcements are indicated by a ★ Urgent logo in the results list. A search targeted only on these ads is also offered.

The business package for example is at 20,000 FG or € 1.95 for 30 days, is variable depending on the service chosen by the users. And the most expensive at 50,000 FG or € 4.80 for 3 months.

For a package delivery: 10% of the tip paid by the applicant + 10% of the tip received by the traveler.

For a purchase of product and its delivery: 10% of the amount of the product + 10% of the tip received by the traveler. For the sake of fairness,

we have chosen to share the costs between the requester and the traveler, each being a user and beneficiary of the services offered by the platform.

We also earn money from classic banner advertising, a good plan to communicate better and really reach targets interested in services, for example travel agencies, travel insurance agencies, hotels and tourist agencies. all will reach more customers.

We offer advertising banners of 728X90, 336X280 and also Video advertising to advertisers.

In summary Colis224 earns money depending on its products: subscriptions between 20,000 FG to 50,000 offered to travelers and shippers who wish to raise their ad to the top of the list (premium ad) payment for the moment is made with the Mobilemoney or by bank card thanks to our partner WeCashUp.

A very easy and very secure online payment solution as soon as we open our relay points, customers will be able to pay directly in cash for the addition of an advertisement.

You do not know how to make a Colis224 agent in a relay point will be able to take all the information and create your account and you will just have to wait for a call from an interested person.

You have the choice you can use the free plan and you can migrate the offer whenever you want by easily changing the plan. This opens up more features and is very handy for those who have urgent things to send, for example.

A home delivery service (only in Conakry) to the final recipient. To occupy the market and stay strong, it is necessary not to be alone, this is why I take advantage of your microphone to make a call to entrepreneurs to find one or two other associates.

A close-knit team, or a close and motivating entourage, whether personal or professional, is a key success factor. I also invite everyone to create an account on now and post announcements or share the article with their loved one; they can also help the start-up to grow with like on our Facebook / Colis224 page or follow us on our Twitter account @ colis224.

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