This is an initiative that will revolutionize the lives of people with sickle cell disease, the most common genetic disease in France. Launched by three students in the health field, the Drepacare application advises patients on a daily basis and allows them better medical monitoring.

Among the features: monitoring of treatment, pain, advice on eating better and hydrating yourself, and testimonials from patients around the world. A complete logbook to inform and raise awareness about sickle cell disease. Because it was after noticing a great lack of information about the disease that the three students decided to take the plunge. “Those in the West Indies or Africa have less access to information than here. And even in France, information is scattered. We want to centralize them: health organizations, events, life stories, ”explains Laetitia Defoi, one of the creators.

Self-employed student status

In their project, they were supported by the University of Paris XIII and Incub’13, a structure that supports future business creators. Thanks to the student self-entrepreneur status, they were able to combine lessons and work on the application. As for the development of Drepacare, the young women were helped by an acquaintance.

“Be an actor in your illness”

Assa Niakaté also supported them throughout the creation of the application. This sickle cell specialist, a doctor in a Paris screening center, sees this digital tool as a means of enabling “patients to be involved in their disease. This will empower them and allow them to take charge and get to know each other better. We doctors will also have more precise monitoring of their development, which will allow us to better treat them ”.

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