Interview with Luis co-founder of Jobartis, a training and employment site in Africa.
Hello can you introduce yourself?

My name is Luis, I’m Spanish but I represent Angola here. I am one of the founders of Jobartis, a job and education site for Angola and Africa.

What is your background and how did you come up with the idea of ​​creating this start-up for employment in Africa?

I was not related to everything that can be done thanks to the internet and start-ups, I am rather from the international organizations sector, I have been working for one of them in Switzerland for 4 years.

I went to Angola via a European Union program, once this program ended I realized that in Angola there was no site to find a job. Which was really missing from the market.

That’s why when we launched the site 2 years ago in Angola, I and a team of people linked to the relevant fields (website management, etc.).

the success of the site was immediate because it met everyone’s needs.

How many are you on your team?

We are 4 co-founders but in all we are 20 people working on for Jobartis.

The core team, you and the other co-founders, is made up of complementary profiles?

Yes exactly, I take care of the operational part on the ground: I know Angola well and its inhabitants I know how to speak to them.

The rest of the team is mainly technical, consisting of a sales manager who has worked with editorial companies throughout Africa and a CTO who worked for an employment site in Spain.

Jobartis is a training and employment site, can you elaborate a little more?

This is a site where you can find the courses you need, Angolan or worldwide courses to allow users to improve their skills.

Jobartis lists all available training and practical information to access it.

From a business perspective, how will it use Jobartis?

This is a paid site, but we offer free tests to companies, but the big difference between Jobartis and other job sites is that we put together candidates with the skills sought by a company and this one. this via our analysis system.

This allows the company to choose the right candidate faster, it can filter the candidate it will interview from among all the candidates who have taken the tests.


How can “SeedsStarWorld” help you today? What does Jobartis need?

Jobartis is a self-funded job site, this kind of site is very lucrative once they have a monopoly on the market which is the case of Jobartis.
Jobartis needs more visibility to consolidate our position in Angola first and elsewhere afterwards.

The problem is that as we are in great demand we have to increase our commercial capacity to be able to meet the needs of all our customers


What are Jobartis’ next goals?

In terms of education, there is no pan-African site and there should be a site that is not limited to a single country or region because there are many Africans who are interested in studying abroad.

Jobartis will allow young students to be able to choose their studies and what are the admission criteria as well as all the useful information in relation to the studies they want to do.

Jobartis is present in 3 countries currently, once the traffic on the sites is sufficient we will bring a physical presence via the job site.

In which countries are you already present?

In Angola with jobs and education, in Nigeria and Ghana with education

How would you describe Jobartis in a few words?

“Jobartis is your 360 ° solution for finding a career solution through employment or training, Jobartis will meet all your needs. ”


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