Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn… social networks are more and more popular with companies. And recently, TikTok has entered the dance. TikTok is a platform that has experienced particularly rapid growth over the past 2 years.

“TikTok was already hugely popular, but the coronavirus pandemic has caused a lot of people to turn to their cellphones for entertainment and to stay connected with the outside world, hence this surge in downloads,” says Sensor Tower.

You have Tik what?

For those who know American singer Ke $ ha, sorry it has nothing to do with her 2009 hit track “TikTok”. It is an application through which one can share short music videos. Users play back or dance to their favorite songs or even more… In addition, they have filters, effects and other tools at their disposal allowing them to make mini clips. In short, TikTok gives anyone with a little imagination the chance to express their “madness” in any way they can.

TikTok is a Chinese application created in September 2016 under the name of Douyin, present exclusively in Asia. TikTok was born from the merger of the Douyin and Musica.ly applications (following the takeover of Musica.ly by Douyin). The app now has at least 800 million active users.

Okay, but how do you make money out of it?

There are many ways to make money on social media. For the case of TikTo, we have identified three (03) not very complex methods for you:

# 1 Collect coins
Collect coins during your live shows. Note that the sine qua non for doing a live broadcast on TikTok is to have at least 1,000 subscribers. The concept is quite simple, during your interaction with other users, they may donate coins to you. It is a virtual currency that any user can purchase. In the USA, the minimum package is 100 coins = 99 cents. Note that the price of coins varies from country to country, but you can check their value by going to “privacy and settings”, click on “wallet”, then on “recharge”.
Once the live is over, you fairly share the total coins collected with TikTok (which is shared with the App Store and Google Play). You will be able to recover your winnings via your PayPal account; just convert them to diamonds and then to your country’s currency.

# 2 Advertising

TikTok has yet to set up an ad revenue system (but it won’t be long). You can therefore promote a company’s products and services in exchange for remuneration. Factors conditioning remuneration: geolocation, types of products or services advertised, number of subscribers, engagement rate, number of videos produced and industry. However, the video should be as natural as possible, there should be no perceived sales intention. Never forget this: Internet users love funny videos! In short, you become in a way the showcase for these commercial brands.

# 3 Selling your own products or services

One thing is certain: it will not be easy. As you know, selling online in Africa is subject to certain doubts on the part of Africans. Remember this: you should not only highlight the value of the product you are selling, but also create a real relationship with your followers. Don’t do anything lightly.

# 4 Participate in brand related events

TikTok users can earn compensation by attending events where they promote the brand they support. Remuneration depends on the influence of users, activities to be done, etc.

TikTok is certainly a young platform, having experienced very rapid growth. It is present all over the world, in Asia, Europe and even in Africa. This explosion in the number of users is closely linked to this period of confinement that most countries around the world are experiencing. For anyone looking to make money, now is the time to get started before this channel becomes full.

Please feel free to give us feedback if you have practiced any of these tips. And if you have other ways to make money on TikTok, of course, we’ll be happy to hear from you.

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