$ 99 the smartphone. This is the project of the Guinean Fadima Diawma, keen on new technologies. The social and low-cost concept of the Kunbafo brand – What’s new since time? in Malinké, one of the country’s national languages, does not intend to derogate from the quality concerns of the product. A launch page has just been created to attract African investors and finance the project.

Encouraging digital inclusion and offering products that reflect his continent is Fadima Diawma’s ambition, and this is what drove him to start making mobile phones. “Being African, I do not see myself using an Apple or Samsung smartphone. I launched Kunfabo because I thought that the smartphones produced by the giants of the mobile telephony did not represent us really “. A strong idea, which is accompanied by several innovations that Fadima wishes to develop. To start the production of the devices in quantity, she estimates at 100 000 € the necessary amount. An amount she can hope to obtain thanks to crowdfunding if 1,000 people participate for 99 €. On its landing page, 850 people are still waiting to launch its fundraising campaign.

In search of African investments

If Fadima Diawma bets on an African mobile phone brand, “It’s because smartphone manufacturers are using Africa to sell their products. In Congo, everyone knows what’s going on. For now, I advance on my own funds and it is very difficult to get out of what is done in terms of battery. But why not substitute them for something more ecological not coming from this suffering? “.

The Kunfabo smartphone will have an Android 6 operating system and will have a large screen and a 4G cover in a simple and functional design. “It will be able to accommodate a 32GB SD memory card, much more used than the cloud in Africa. The internal memory will be between 8 to 15 GB and the smartphone will be unlocked, “says the CEO.

“We are trying to get a maximum number of registrations to launch our crowdfunding. We are looking for investments; an African investor would be much more interesting because he will know the realities of the market, the field, “explains Fadima Diawma. The smartphone and the connected watch Kunbafo would be assembled in Guinea, with parts of Chinese origin. It is also in Guinea that Fadima Diawma wants to install the headquarters of Kunbafo to consider a deployment to Senegal, Mali and the rest of the region; “It’s a public health issue for some villages on the borders of Guinea. It is urgent that everyone can pick up the internet connection everywhere. Kunbafo’s ambition is to flood Africa with less expensive telephony, whose main interest would be to offer a digital service to the population, “says the entrepreneur.

Social smartphone
After studying law in Conakry, Fadima Diawma moved to Spain. At the time, she was only 23 years old and combines learning language and small jobs. After two years of training in accounting, a job at Vueling and a job in a wholesaler company, she resigns and talks about her click; “I wanted to do something useful, that can help other people, get into social entrepreneurship. In Spain, people have been very interested in my project. This is an initiative that could cross African borders, because some are tired of spending so much on a phone, “she explains.

With Kunfabo, she wants to address smartphone owners as well as those who have never had one; “My goal is that all the way to Africa, everyone can access technology. It is very important that everyone have access to the location of medical points. To develop this technology, Fadima wants to work hand in hand with “African developers with enormous potential for creation”. She also relies on the help of her two collaborators; “One is specialized in crowdfunding and network marketing, the second supports me in my search for funds from private investors as well as in the implementation of the business plan and the viability of the project”. But one thing is certain, for Fadima Diawma, the improvement and performance of the devices will always keep the spirit of the brand Kunfabo low-cost.

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