Mobile penetration rate: Factors influencing the development of Digital

Mobile penetration rate in Ivory Coast in the period from 2011 to 2018, access to Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in Ivory Coast recorded impressive results, to the point of doing today today an integral part of people’s daily lives.

For mobile telephony, the penetration rate reached 131.60%, equivalent to 33,345,000 subscribers, for a population of 25 million inhabitants; and 13 million mobile internet subscribers. The Ivorian population is predominantly young, with a rate of 78% of people aged under 35. This young population, which has an average school enrollment rate, has shown a strong attraction for digital technology, allowing the development of 150,000 digital jobs, with a turnover of more than 1000 billion CFA francs in the economy. formal, representing 8% of Côte d’Ivoire’s GDP.

The impact of the use of mobile money in the facilitation of remote financial transactions is just as considerable, with a penetration rate of 49.45% and a daily volume of transactions recorded in the networks of operators which is more than 17 billion FCFA per day. This has also enabled the development of digital and financial services.

The state, one of the main factors in the development of digital technology, has launched several ambitious programs aimed at increasing the country’s digital maturity, which has considerably transformed the habits of the Ivorian populations. Decided to better supervise the sector, the State has put in place a framework which should lead to the advent of a digital model. Several laws were thus adopted in 2013: the Telecommunications / ICT code on economic transactions, the protection of personal data and the fight against cybercrime.

The government has granted, for the year 2019, a budget to the Ministry of the digital economy intended for investment expenses of 1,570,590,000 FCFA.

Investment by the private sector, an important player in digital development, has grown steadily over the past five years: the Smartup foundation, driven by the Ivorian government, is developing with the aim of becoming a federator of the ecosystem. The MEST proponent, the main player in supporting startups in Ghana offering both investments, training and an incubation offer, was established in 2018. French Tech also plans to create a technological hub offering an integrated support and financing offer. The African Development Bank has initiated several initiatives with the aim of supporting the development of the Ivorian ecosystem, in particular the Boost Africa initiative which will make funding and technical support available to the entire ecosystem. Other private players, such as Orange Digital Venture Africa, have a budget of 50 million euros dedicated to innovative projects in the digital fields. A fund was recently created offering tickets under 300,000 euros aligned with the needs of a growing startup.

Several innovation competitions also allow digital development, by funding start-ups: Seedstars, CGECI Business Plan Compétition, Microsoft Imagine Cup …

Availability and typology of service offers

The emergence of services on the web, the massive deployment of smartphones and the unlimited use of social networks are opening the door to new professional opportunities. The content of the digital sector’s service offerings already existed in practical terms in the traditional world, it has however adapted to the digital world which has implemented new rules, new practices and new codes. The web universe is in perpetual deployment, which requires men and women to devote themselves to it with their full potential and their personal values, in terms of practicability. We have thus classified seven (7) types of services offered by digital in Côte d’Ivoire.

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