First launched in Canada, the Moko music platform, developed by a young entrepreneur of Congolese origin, is now targeting Africa where it already has a few thousand users.

He is not yet 30 but is already at his second company. Anthony Omenya, born in Paris in a family from the DRC, studied economics at the University of Montreal, Quebec. That’s where in 2009 he started his first business. “This experience has allowed me to understand how the business world works,” he explains today.

On March 8, he launched his latest creation, a mobile app for Afro and Caribbean music, called Moko. A platform that asked him “four years of hard work”, and an investment of 100,000 Canadian dollars (66,000 euros), which he hired with the help of his relatives.

“At the time of the launch, I would have been able to benefit from a $ 1 million investment, but I declined, it seemed too early to raise funds. I preferred to wait for the milestone of 100,000 users, which I hope will be done by the beginning of August, “says the young man, who intends to raise between one and 3 billion funds to the coming back next year.

Initially alone at the head of his company, he has since been joined by three partners, but remains CEO. Moko, which is supported by two incubators, HEC Montréal and Groupe 3737, in Canada, currently employs seven people, including three developers.

A marketing strategy based on influencers

Moko gained 10,000 users in its first two months of existence, including 2,062 in Madagascar, 1,775 in Ghana and 1,701 in Senegal. “By nature, the mobile app is available around the world, but for now we have only promoted it in Canada, where it entered the top 30 downloads in twenty-four hours”, explains Anthony Omenya, who is preparing to storm the European and African markets.

“On the continent, we will start by targeting Kenya, Côte d’Ivoire, Nigeria, Rwanda and South Africa, where the internet is very developed and therefore it will be relatively simple for us. Of course, I would also like to reach other countries, including the DRC, but it will take more time, “says the young entrepreneur, who intends to base its marketing strategy on the continent on local media and influencers.


“I was a dancer, I know the world of music well. So I have the relationship and a product that will appeal to many people, users and also artists, because we are not a mere platform, we convey a lifestyle and culture. Besides, we will not be confined to music for a long time, we will evolve towards the podcast of all that is digital, including videos. We need to become as indispensable for Afro and Caribbean culture as Netflix is for series, “he explains.

Anthony Omenya wants to attract on his platform “at the same time the big headliners who will make come to the public, like Davido, Master Gims, Fally Ipupa or Shesko Emeraude, and young emerging artists who have a crying need of visibility” . They can manage their platform – pay – to upload their songs and videos and convert if they wish their royalties in credits allowing them to be better referenced.

“This will generate funds, as well as the upcoming implementation of a premium version of the application for our users,” said Anthony Omeyna, who wants to reach the breakeven point after “two or maximum three months of activity “.

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