After VMK, a mobile technology company (in 2009), the young Congolese is launching Vox Tv, a new digital television channel based in Brazzaville.

Until now, he was best known for his “made in Africa” ​​phones and tablets. This has earned him the nickname “African Steve Jobs”. Without abandoning its first project, Verona Mankou decided to invest in audio-visual. Its television channel will be launched on March 15, 2017. Vox Tv will broadcast directly on Canal + without a first local broadcast.

“In our country, it is often difficult to get quality information and content. We therefore start on the basis of News Tv, following the European model but with Congolese content for Congolese inside and outside, ”explains Verona Mankou.

“We want to innovate. Beyond information, we will interact with the Congolese public who had until now remained confined to a traditional pattern ”

Verona Mankou, Founder VMK and CEO Vox Tv
The content will therefore be exclusively Congolese. 50% news and 50% magazines. The channel will be available 24 hours a day – 7 days a week via satellites, TNT packages and on the Internet.

The channel also intends to “highlight the political and economic actors who are involved in the development of the Congo”.

“We want to innovate. Beyond information, we will, via the Internet, interact with the Congolese public which had until now remained confined to a traditional pattern, “adds the boss of Vox Tv.

The Vox Tv channel is part of Vox Médias (specializing in the editing and production of content broadcast via audiovisual, digital and print media). The group also includes the news website, online since 2016, a radio station that will broadcast in modulated frequency, as well as magazines (Vox Eco, Vox Mag and Vox Divas).


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