The term “Freelance” is an Anglicism which means “Independent worker”. This sells its services by the day, by the hour or by the package.

He is both an entrepreneur and his own employee, and as the sole employee of his company, he plays the role of salesperson, communicator and expert in his field. It is up to him to prospect his customers, to define his mission with them and to carry out the agreed service himself. He is master of his decisions and his work methodology, but must nevertheless adapt to the demands of his customers.

The main difference between a self-employed person and an employee is that the self-employed person performs his services without any hierarchical link with his client.

Skills domains

Originally, it was common to find self-employed workers in IT, communication and creation, translation or consulting, however the world of work has changed enormously in recent years, this fact to opened up the field of self-employment to many more areas.

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