Not too long ago iPhone was praised as the technologically superior device, and it wasn’t uncommon
for people to say that the only reason someone would get an android was because of the price
differences between some android Phone models and iPhones. Today the gaps between android devices
and iPhones have all but vanished. The competition between the two is still fierce but android has
been bringing improvements to their system on a much bigger scale compared to earlier versions of
their OS. So why would someone choose an android device over an iPhone today? Here are a few

The google play store on android has surpassed the iOS app store by a mile in terms of the number
of apps it hosts. This means that the chances of you finding an app that you might have some use of
are much higher on android in comparison to iOS. The apps on the play store fall into many different
categories, ranging from fitness apps to casino games (if you’re a fan of casino games have a look here).

This is probably the most common argument for why people choose android devices over iPhones. If
you’re a fan of customization and want your phone to match your tastes as much as possible then an
android device is the right choice for you. Almost anything on the android system is customizable.
Unlike iPhone, Android devices are known for their early start on using widgets. Although iPhones
now have the option of using widgets, android widgets can go on the home screen and not just the
notification tab like on iPhones. Another thing that’s a big plus on the customization front on
android is the ability to use alternative launchers. This means that you can change the user interface
of the phone to match what’s easier for you to work with. One common complaint when using
iPhones is the keyboard. A lot of people dislike the keyboard and aren’t given the option to change
it. This is a thing of the past on androids as you can choose from a plethora of different keyboard

Most of the mobile phone devices that aren’t iPhones, use android. This means that there is a world
of options out there when choosing a phone that’s right for you. The fierce competition between the
phones that use android themselves has made the quality of android phones rise drastically over the
years and that’s a great thing for the consumers. Not everyone can be a fan of one design. This is
why people often go for an android device that matches their unique style. The range of options on
hardware that android devices provide is also a deciding factor that sways many people towards
them. And finally the different price ranges. Android phones don’t only come in different shapes and
sizes but also at different prices. This means that there are affordable phone options out there that
offer an amazing experience for their users without leaving a dent in their wallet.

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