Faced with an increasingly less attractive job market, several young Africans are embarking on self-employment to escape unemployment. Focus on the Ikane Company startup launched by a 25-year-old Senegalese engineer.

“The Ikane Company is a childhood dream coming true. I have always wanted to have a company that is designed here in Africa, that makes African solutions for Africans, ”explains Ibrahima Kane.

Computer savvy Ibrahima Kane set up a startup to be an active participant in the socio-economic development of Africa.

“It has always been a passion for me, which allows me, whenever I see complicated situations, to position myself as a solver. I wonder what can I do with IT to improve people’s lives. I try to implant them and often they appreciate this gesture “.

Ikane Company has already developed several educational solutions, one of the most important of which is “Edu Manager” which is currently used in many schools.

“’Edu Manager’ is a school management SAS, a software accessible almost everywhere via the Internet which allows schools and training institutes to be able to administer their schools from A to Z. Education management, educational management, financial management, in any case, everything that is management, our solution allows them to manage that ”.

Ikane Company also provides substantial support to the populations and to the territorial administration. Serigne Saliou Ndiaye, programmer analyst, explains the outlines of this project: “it is a platform which aims to improve the daily life of the citizens of a community”.

“For example, by allowing them to be able to directly report incidents on public infrastructure and to be able to escalate this information to the administrative authorities so that they can take the appropriate measures. Also the “Sunu City” solution facilitates administrative procedures such as searching for a birth certificate. There is a certain process that will be put in place that will minimize the waiting time when these administrative procedures are initiated “.

Launched less than a year ago, the startup Ikane Company has several projects to its credit. Created by the young engineer Ibrahima Kane, this innovative structure is already an example in Senegalese universities and professionals.

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