One of Africa’s greatest tech-takers, young Nigerian Oluwaseun Osewa, has made a name for himself by putting Africa’s largest “Nairaland” online forum online in Nigeria. This initiative has won him several awards on the continent and beyond its borders.

Programmer, webmaster and businessman, Oluwaseun Osewa is one of the first young Africans to enter the technology field in 2005 and who succeeded in building a name for himself around his web platform.

In 2015, “Nairaland” was the most visited site according to the Nigerian Alexa ranking. Forbes magazine also ranked it as “the greatest African forum and one of the Nigerians who innovated in technology.”

The young entrepreneur grew up in Nigeria in Sango Ota Ogun state learning about technology and the internet. His university studies were interrupted by his passion for technology and he pursued his dream as a programmer from 2003.

At first, several ideas did not work for him, including that of web hosting. This is how he got into the web forum, an activity that did not require exorbitant capital but which interested young people. He got about 300 members after a month.

In 2011, “Nairaland” became Nigeria’s most expensive site with an estimated value of 512 million naira or $ 4 million with the participation of over half a million people per day. This is how it was ranked among the “Nigeria 100 Best”.


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