Introduction of an African passport and abolition of visa for all African citizens in all African countries

Boubacar Diallo

(July 17, 2016) – Heads of State members of the African Union have received their passports.

(July 16, 2016) – The African passport will be unveiled this weekend in Kigali.

(April 06, 2016): Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma announced during Africa Development Week in Addis Ababa that the introduction of a common passport will be for the month of July this year. The Heads of State of the African Union will each receive their passports. As for African nationals, no date is planned. However, any African national will soon have the right to enter and reside in an African country for 30 days without a visa.

(December 03, 2015) – The African Union has indicated that the African continent may soon become borderless with the introduction of an African passport as part of the African Union’s Agenda 2063. This undoubtedly improved the circulation of citizens and goods.

AU Commissioner for Political Affairs Dr Aisha Abdullahi said on Sunday that Africa may soon become borderless and the plan for a single African passport is underway.

“Africans will not need a visa to access other African states. There will be free trade in goods, “said Dr. Abdullahi at the #Africities summit.

“We have identified flagship projects, such as the introduction of an African passport to ensure that Africans can move freely in all African countries,” adds Dr Abdullahi.

One of the projects to be implemented in the first 10 years of the AU Agenda 2063 is the establishment of an African passport. This project was agreed last year, it aims to improve intra-African trade and facilitate the movement of goods between member states.

According to the African Development Bank (AfDB), “the vision of the AU is offset by a call to action to introduce an African passport and abolish the visa requirement for all African citizens in all countries Africans by 2018 ″.

Meanwhile, the AfDB is finalizing, “the first opening Africa Visa Index”, which ranks African countries on the level of openness / restrictive of their visa regimes, which aims “to drive policy reforms visas across Africa, simplify visa application procedures and encourage positive reciprocity. ”

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