The oil company Total and the company Wordline, specialized in the provision of payment and transactional services, signed commercial, financing and technological cooperation agreements with the Senegalese company InTouch, specialized in the aggregation of means of payment, on July 13 latest.

According to the three companies, the partnership, unveiled on July 24, 2017, concerns the deployment of InTouch’s “Single Window” digital payment solution in eight African countries, namely Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Côte d ‘Ivoire, Kenya, Mali, Morocco, the Republic of Guinea and Senegal. The “One Stop Shop” is a universal secure payment solution that accepts all types of financial settlement (from cash to electronic money, including credit and debit cards) and offers digital services (airtime reloading services, electronic products). insurance and bill payment, etc.) through one device.

Under the terms of the commercial agreements signed, Total and Worldline will finance the initial phase of the deployment of the “One Stop Shop” solution in the eight countries and will thereby acquire a stake in InTouch. Beyond financing, Total is also committed to deploying the “One Stop Shop” in its service stations in targeted countries, and potentially extending it to the 30 other countries covered by the oil company in Africa and the Middle East. -East. Worldline, for its part, will provide InTouch with its expertise in payment solutions and provide a secure industrial hosting infrastructure for the deployment and operation of the “One Stop Shop” on a pan-African scale.

With funding from Total and Wordline, InTouch plans to deploy the One Stop Shop solution in more than 5,000 independent points of sale and distribution networks in each of the eight countries. These are the millions of consumers that the three companies will reach, helping to further destroy the barriers that hinder the development of virtual payment on the continent.

The entry of Total and Wordline into InTouch’s capital and the deployment of the “One Stop Shop” in the eight countries are subject to the approval of the competent competition authorities.


Source: Ecofin Agency

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