The Africa tourism report has just been released by Jumia travel and it shows that the tourism sector contributes 7.8% of Africa’s GDP. You will also find other data from this report in this article.

Hospitality report 2017 is the name of the report on tourism in Africa made public by Jumia travel. According to this report, tourism represents 7.8% of African GDP (165 billion USD) in 2016. The most requested hotel services are: swimming pool (23%) wifi (23%) restaurant (17%). means of payment in hotels in Africa: (72%) cash; (15%) credit card; (7%) banking; (6%) mobile. The 5 favorite destinations for African travelers are Algeria, Morocco, Ivory Coast, Nigeria and Kenya. Hotel guests in Africa constitute 62% of men and 38% of women. “Africa is not a leisure destination for 80% of African travelers.” 80% of travelers in Africa do business and 20% for leisure.

The good points of tourism in Africa

Mobile penetration rate in Africa in 2016 is 50% and ICT contributed 6.7% of GDP in 2015. Nigeria and Angola are the two countries with the most hotel construction projects in Africa. Diversity of landscapes and cultural wealth, growing middle class, ICT development.

The bad points of tourism in Africa

The visa between African countries is a real brake on tourism policies. There are also, among others, the lack of tourism marketing, lack of infrastructure, terrorist threats, and poor professional training. 80% of Africans who travel do so outside their continent.

Challenges of tourism in Africa

Along with the bad mentioned to correct, the report indicates that we must capitalize on tourism by Africans in Africa and better sell our destinations. Leisure tourism is a potential to be developed.

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