Whoever has never been stressed by the silence of a recruiter after the interview, raise a finger. This stress is often even considered worse than that experienced before or during the interview. We ask ourselves a thousand and one questions: “Have I been up to it? »« Will I get the job? “. But what we sometimes seem to forget is that recruiting isn’t just about interviewing. Of course, in some cases the recruiter may tell you that they are hiring you directly or within days of the interview. But in other cases, after the interview, there are several steps. In short, time does not pass in the same way for a recruiter and a candidate. Ah yes, don’t expect a perfect answer while reading this article either.

Why haven’t they called me yet?

This is the question more than one candidate asks themselves 1 to 2 weeks after having been interviewed. To help you ‘get through’ this phase where time seems to flow in slow motion, there are a few things to keep in mind:

You are not alone

Remember the following: you are not the only person whose resume has been selected for the interview. Yep, interviews can still be ongoing. Relax! If nearly 300 people apply on average for a job offer, regardless of the sector, just imagine the number of successful candidates. On the other hand, each company has its own unique recruiting system. According to Glassdoor (recruitment review site), the average length of a hiring process is around 24 days. However, it may vary depending on the industry. Patience should be your best friend.

You have nothing to do with it

Sometimes it has absolutely nothing to do with you. Don’t be skeptical. Integrate this fact. Silence can often be due to a financial deficit. We want to recruit you but the budget does not follow. No company would want to give this kind of explanation to a candidate at the risk of being perceived as an unsustainable company. Its reputation is still at stake. In addition, these days, viruses, recessions, chain bankruptcies, finding a company that is willing to recruit is already a good thing in itself.

Recruiters also have a job

Candidates sometimes seem to ignore it, but recruiters also have a job to do on a daily basis. Deciding the fate of your candidacy is certainly important, but being successful in their work is equally important.


Your resume can be impressive, but one word, one sentence you have said can help create doubt that you will be able to stay with the company for a long time if you are hired. Just as you can compete with several other candidates, all of them of good quality, when the company only needs one candidate. Another probable case, the recruiter does not wish to make the wrong choice. Yes, the stress is not just on the candidate’s side: a failed recruitment is quite expensive. Also note this: the more advice, the longer it will take to make a decision.

The job is not yours

And then there’s the feared reason: you weren’t successful. The recruiter may also face a shortage of human resources or time (in the case of receiving a large number of applications), which does not allow him to respond to each unsuccessful candidate. Faced with a ghosting (ignoring a person after showing interest in them) of almost 4 weeks, the candidate can take the initiative and revive the recruiter to be fixed.

Okay, but when will I get an answer?

This is all you want to know and nothing more. It’s normal ! In a survey of 380 respondents, the following question was asked: “After how long did it take for you to have feedback from the recruiter following a job interview?” The average response was a maximum of 3 weeks. The return being independent of the result (good or bad). Beyond 3 weeks, the chances of responses become minimal.

When should you restart post interview?

Despite your impatience for a response, wait at least a week before sending a thank you email. You can add an item omitted during the interview or when you need to communicate later at the recruiter’s request. If after ten days or so you still have no response, then you can make a real raise. Do it by showing your motivation and interest in the position to be filled. In addition, if you have been given a response time and it has expired, follow up on that date plus two days. If the silence persists, send an email per week. The telephone follow-up is certainly the best but it is in the case where you have the contact of the person met during your interview. If you only have the switchboard, ask for the person who received you, specifying that they should call you back.

The silence faced by most post interview candidates is the cause of stress and anxiety for many of them. However, this silence should not prevent them from being proactive: relaunching recruiters, applying for other vacancies (life does not end with this job). In short, whatever the reason for a recruiter’s silence, don’t give up and continue your search! Just because this is the job of your dreams shouldn’t prevent you from applying for other offers.

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