Heba Gamal (EG), Sangu Delle (GH), Willy Mukiny Yav (DRC) and George Bakka (OU) will decide who will be the Anzisha Prize finalists for the $ 75,000 Prize

The Anzisha Prize is pleased to reveal the names of the members of the diverse, experienced and representative jury of the 2015 Anzisha Prize for Young African Entrepreneurs. The Prize invited four experienced professionals from the business and social sectors, bringing their holistic vision to the dialogue on young African entrepreneurs. The experience of the jury derives from a diverse knowledge and experience base. The jury includes established and emerging entrepreneurs, social and business leaders and contributors to business dialogue in Africa through the media, and it represents a cultural diversity in tune with the young entrepreneurs it will assess . The finalists for the Anzisha Prize will present their company to the jury on Monday, November 16. The panel will examine the merits of each project in relation to how it responds to a market opportunity or a social need, in terms of its ingenuity, its scalability and its impact. The grand prize winner will be announced at a prestigious awards ceremony on Tuesday November 17 at Room Five in Rivonia, Johannesburg, South Africa.

“It is essential that we encourage debate and deliberation on the potential of young people to influence African economies through entrepreneurship, as part of a multidimensional dialogue spanning diverse sectors, continents and cultures. Said Grace Kalisha, senior director of the Anzisha Prize. “We are satisfied and reassured by the fact that such an eminent panel is critical of our finalists for this year’s Anzisha Prize.”

The jury for the 2015 Anzisha Prize is made up of:

Heba Gamal, based in Egypt, an expert in entrepreneurship and technology. She is the Managing Director of Endeavor Egypt, a non-profit organization working for high-potential entrepreneurs. Before joining Endeavor, Heba was in charge of Search Quality for the Middle East and North Africa at Google Inc. His international expertise extends to Silicon Valley, India, Eastern Europe , Africa and the Middle East. Heba has spoken at various conferences and summits on entrepreneurship, technology and women leaders. The Anzisha Prize recognizes her contribution to this year’s jury, particularly in the field of social entrepreneurship, her mobilization for the role of women in business, and her experience in North Africa.

Willy Mukiny Yav, Congolese, is co-founder and director of Pygma Group. He has worked for 21 years in the field of communications at the level of African markets. Willy has developed excellent, high-level contacts on the African continent over the past 22 years and uses them as part of the development of many companies in Africa. He therefore has expertise in the modus operandi and business practices of French and English speaking countries in Africa, and has contributed to the development of a network of contacts highly placed at the political, commercial and social level. Willy was a member of the Anzisha Prize jury in 2014, and made it possible to clearly understand the functioning of French-speaking societies, thus promoting a fair assessment.

Sangu Delle, a Ghanaian, will contribute to the jury of the Anzisha Prize jury as a solidly assertive entrepreneur who devotes his time and energy to the growth of other entrepreneurs. Sangu is an entrepreneur, author, drinking water activist, member of the Soros Foundation and member of TEDGlobal. He is the founder and CEO of Golden Palm Investments (GPI), an investment holding company and a consultancy focused on building global companies in Africa. GPI manages companies in high growth industries and finances promising start-ups such as SOLO Mobile in Nigeria, mPharma in Ghana and Stawi Foods in Kenya.

George Bakka, Ugandan, is a member of Anzisha, whom he joined in 2011. As a renowned young emerging entrepreneur, he embodies the path on which the finalists set out. George is the founder and CEO of Angels Initiatives. He has created many businesses across Africa, and is passionate about creating solutions and companies working for Africa’s growth. Angels Hub and Unreasonable EastAfrica are among the companies he created. He is a member of Anzisha and a member of Acumen and Educate.

The 12 finalists for the Anzisha Prize were selected from an impressive number of 494 young entrepreneurs, 339 applications having been presented in 2014. The Anzisha Prize is proud to have attracted candidates from 33 African countries, finalists from Zimbabwe and Ethiopia having applied for the first time this year. Applications from a number of sectors were also received, with the agriculture sector at the forefront. Five years after its creation, the Anzisha Prize will pay tribute to these extraordinary young people during World Entrepreneurship Week, joining the world festivities. Finalists for the Anzisha Prize win a prize of US $ 75,000, and receive ongoing support to develop their societies. Until the first prize is awarded, the finalists spend a week at the African Leadership Academy, and take an intensive course on entrepreneurial leadership and business acceleration.

“I support the development of young companies likely to have a social impact and create jobs, since entrepreneurship is the best response to the real needs of communities. I am therefore delighted to be joining this extraordinary young entrepreneur this year through the Anzisha Prize, “said Sangu Delle, CEO of Golden Palm Investments, and jury member of the Anzisha Prize.

The Anzisha Prize team launched a social media campaign where the public can vote for their favorite entrepreneur and express their support and encouragement through comments on the Anzisha website (on anzishaprize.org) and on Facebook. A prize will be awarded to the finalist with the highest number of votes. The goal is to encourage them on their journey with Anzisha, and to share their success with other young people.

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