Four Gabonese ambassadors with innovative projects, taking into account respect for the environment and the promotion of sustainable development, are in the running for the 2015 edition of the Company of the Year Africa (COY 2015).

From December 2 to 4, 2015, Gabon will host, for the first time, the Company of the year JA Africa 2015. This event will put young entrepreneurs from 13 countries of the continent in competition. And to allow the “blue yellow green” to triumph, four teams are embarked on this adventure, with the projects recycling scrap paper, manufacturing a multifunctional broom, the removable barbecue and enhancing the Odika through its packaging.

At the end of a four-minute presentation, followed by a question-and-answer phase, the jury will be convinced of the capacities of projects and of different companies to meet criteria such as innovation, leadership, solving a specific problem and team spirit. For this edition, four awards will recognize the best company of the year.


The recycling of rough paper carried by the company “Assewuntk”, which means in the Fang language, recycling, aims to give a second life to the paper. “The idea was born from an observation which is that of the piles of paper waste in our primary establishments, and to remedy this, we decided to recycle these papers, to transform them into a new and ecological product for the community, between others, masks, bracelets, wine bag, bag for gift wrapping, pencils. By a mechanism that we installed in a local establishment, we sort the papers that we no longer use, or the scrap papers that we throw, “explained Jean Bernard Junior Moussavou, according to whom the one who recycles the paper is a magician and paper is his magic wand because he can make many products.

The multifunction broom of the mini company “Innova Africa” ​​managed by high school students from Ambouroué Secondary School. Built from recycled products such as jeans, T-shirts, slippers, etc., this tool is intended to simplify life in households. “We have developed a broom called debrocyclear, which is a product that rereads three elements in one, because it is composed of a tank, a broom and a mop, it is manual. You know how to take the mop, water and broom takes a long time. In addition, we are exposed to corrosive products whenever it is necessary to wring the mop which destroys the epidermis of the hands. This is our way of helping to protect the environment, “said human resources manager Wilfried Moro.

Packaging of Odika by the company “Terroir G”, in order to enhance the value of this Gabonese culinary product and facilitate its export. “Odika is a product known to all Gabonese and some Africans. This product is found in the sub-region. It was first discovered in Gabon in 1835 by explorers. By offering our product the packaging, we seek to promote this food, but also to offer our customers the possibility of eating healthy, because the odika usually bought in a ball is exposed to all types of microbes “, estimates the head of operations and purchases from Terroir G, Mombo Aubin.

Removable barbecue from Meti HD of the Omar Bongo national technical high school. According to the people in charge of the project, it meets standards a little more adapted to current needs. “It is a modern barbecue in the sense that it is mobile, removable and easily movable with wheels. It is created from 2 mm flat sheet metal so that it is lighter and easily adaptable. Because of its qualities, our barbecue can be stored in a corner of the house without occupying too much space, but can also be transported in a vehicle without disturbing, “said Thérence, Tsatsabi.

If you believe in their youth, their imagination and their capacity to bring a change in your life, support them on, to make Gabon triumph from December 2nd to 4th.


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